Kid friendly campaign?

Hi, we recently moved to Vienna and my 12 year old son is looking to join a campaign. He played Dungeons & Dragons 5E weekly at a gaming store in our previous home (Minnesota) and is hoping to find something similar. Does something like this exist for younger players? Thanks for your help!

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We have had a few posts asking similar questions over the past months so perhaps reach out to:
@Eshtesht who had their 14 yo cousin looking for a group
@wizardmom who had a young person looking for a group
@Wonderwonka had a 16 yo looking for a table

They may not be a match themselves but they have also been looking recently and might have some useful answers to share?


I have not been successful finding something for young people in english, but would be happy to introduce our boys and see if we can start something together. Please contact me!

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Well 12 is a bit young also becouse sessions of most DMs start quite late in the day but I think a 16 year old might be possible to fit in with a regular party of “younger” players

@wizardmom I’m not sure how to direct message you here, but please feel free to email me at [edited]

I started at 12 - we’ve got the Saturday brunch sessions - don’t say someone’s ‘too young’ to play.

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I dont think that 12 is to young to play, I just think that a 12 year old would not fit within a party of otherwise 18 to 30 year olds and the time schedule also needs to fit the availabillety of the players so when a usual campighn starts at 19:00 and ends just shy of midnight this probably does not work to well together

the saturday brunch sessions might work, but yeah it still would be adults playing for the most part, while I think it could work, I would recommend the 12 year old not coming on their own at least for the first 1-2 times
we did have teens at VALUE in the past, but I don’t think anyone that young


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Thank you!

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Bit late to the party, but well… my son (11) recently started to play by himself with a group of friends (including some that speak English). The games are extremely laid back. He learned about DnD completely by himself and is DM-ing the whole thing. The kids don’t care too much about the rules, but have loads of fun.

They defeated evil Rick Astley in a dance battle yesterday… I’ll always give you up, I’ll always let you down… :sweat_smile:

The played in our place so far, but common rooms - if there are more players - would be available for free in the Kabelwerk (U6 Tscherttegasse). He’d love to do something around DnD in the summer vacation too.

Anyway - msg me for introductions / contact details if you are still looking for a kids DnD group. My son is also going to the group that plays in the library every now and then (Pen and Paper in den Büchereien Wien - in German I’m afraid) and I guess he wouldn’t be averse to join a similar group with kids…