Anyone willling to play with a young teenager?

Hello👋 I don’t know if someone remembers me, i used to play regularly last year (the artist who always advertised her painting services lol)
I have a 14 yo cousin who is very much into dnd, do you think there would be a campaign we could possibly join together? Preferably not a long one. He just moved here and he doesn’t know anyone his age to play together. He is very much expirienced and even DMed his own campaign. I honestly don’t think any censorship would be necessary

Hey :slight_smile:

maybe look here :point_right: DM helping teenager to find DnD group
since @Wonderwonka was also looking for a teenager group (and seems to be able to DM)

good luck and happy gaming :+1:

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I have a mature young person looking for a new group. He has 3 years play experience; DM if you are still looking and/or have assembled a youth group he could join!