Itras By: A Surrealist Oneshot (8.12)

:grin: Hey I want to run an Oneshot set in the city of Itra

Itras By ( :norway:: Itra’s city) is a surreal roleplaying game set in a city reminiscent of Europe in the 1920’s. The system is card based and focuses on freeform and improvisation.

The City

In the city center, reality is relatively stable, but the further afield you get, the more it deteriorates, mutates, becomes dream-like. In Itras By you’ll find dreams which have become real, an outline of a city divided by class, sea elephants, a gentleman with a monster in his basement, the structural cancer that haunts some of the city’s buildings, and more.

The System

The rule system is very simple. Itras By uses Resolution Cards, and additionally features a Chance Card system.

  • The Resolution Cards have texts like “Yes, but…”, “No, and…”, “Yes, and…” etc. The results are interpreted by a different player.

  • The Chance Cards can be drawn once per session by each player, and serve to infuse the game with a surrealist touch. An example:

Cut Scene: Jump forward three hours. Describe what conditions the characters find themselves in. You’re not allowed to describe what has happened in the meantime.



  • Who is this for? Players, who like improv and freeform rpgs.

  • How can I join? Just write here under the post. :slight_smile:

  • I don‘t know the system? No problem. The system is crazy simple and we all learn it together.

  • When? We choose a date after I have found some players. Probably around late November / early-mid December

p.s.: art by Thore Hansen

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I’m definitely interested.

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In if we can find a date. My schedule is wicked packed.

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I want to try new systems. And the premise certainly sounds interesting. Colour me intrigued.

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Sounds intriguing, would like to try a new system :blush:

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Sounds Fun

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Sounds like an intriguing change of pace!

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Would be interested if there happens to space left

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Thanks for your interest :slight_smile:

as a wise woman once said “Time is the killer”

will send out a when2meet as a PM

The Itras By game will happen on Dec the 8th at WOW/Keepers (starts 7 p.m.)


  • Mexikorn
  • Nat1
  • BufoBufo
  • Lux_Tenebraeque
  • Valzon
  • … and H … should it :cloud_with_rain: that day

will post more about the setting this week

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No fairweather gamer me …

You wrote my name wrong again :cry: :pensive:

sorry :pray: fixed :+1:

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The city of Itras By is divided into several distinct districts:


Is filled with office buildings, the clatter of typewriters, streetside cafés, and new automobiles puttering along at speeds that seems staggering. Above stands the Moon Tower: abandoned by the goddess Itra. Below lie secrets and danger. Can you keep up with Downtown? In the long run, probably not.

  • Hidden History
  • Commercial Bureaucracy
  • In the Shadow of a God

Mint Knoll

Is home to the city’s business elite and its ancient noble families. Standing at the top of Mint Hill are the Ape Gardens, the domain of Itras By’s talking apes.

  • Gardens
  • Decadent Mansions
  • Dark Secrets

Grand Meadow

This idyllic pastoral landscape is rapidly being colonised by housing clusters modelled on an outmoded Victorian ideal.

  • Domesticated
  • Mundane
  • Dense Suburbia

Church Hill

Is often covered in fog from which emerges the sounds of music, laughter, and other more enigmatic exclamations. Home to artists and eccentrics: in Church Hill’s squashed-together houses and on narrow winding paths they create and conspire.

  • Bohemian Revelry
  • Artistic Endeavours
  • Innumerable Conspiracies

Black Bay

A run-down harbour populated by factory workers, sailors, talking apes and beggars.
By day it’s filled with traffic jams, industrial smoke and workers swearing. By night, dark waves lap against sinister black ships.

  • Working Class
  • Filthy Alleys
  • Industrial Port
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ran it twice so far and had a lot of fun :smiley:
both sessions were as crazy as expected :rofl:

Should someone else wants to run this little gem of a game,
some things I learned/picked-up:

  • having a group concept is very, very helpful (there some examples in the book)
  • do not perpare a plot
  • what you could do is think about a few awesome scenes, and put them in should they fit
  • else just run with what the players and the cards give you
  • if you don’t know what to do, just run with the first idea you had
  • look at the :mantelpiece_clock:, and 1h before the end try to get the story to a meaningful conclusion


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