Hi, I’m Tom. Originally from the UK, been living abroad for a few years now, moved to Vienna in late 2022. I’ve played a lot of D&D (and watched lots of actual play…), and I’m keen to join a longer-running game here.

I’ve also DM’d a fairly long campaign before and I’d maybe like to do something like that again eventually. (One small problem there is I only really properly got into D&D during the 'roni times, so everything I did was online, meaning I don’t have any physical DM-ing equipment or rulebooks haha)

But yeah, in general: hi :slight_smile:


A fellow Drawfan (I assume from your pfp)! Welcome to the community :blush:

hey, welcome

there are usually open games every Friday evening at WoW keepers, there will be a post for it in the next days

some materials are availible there

I would reccomend to just Build a character and join to get to know the people

this is a guide to the used adaption of the rules

rulebooks should not be a problem

Ill Introduce a new campaign this friday and would gladly welcome you at my table


Welcome! As others have pointed out we have regular Friday evenings and fairly regular Saturday afternoons - watch for the posts, they usually go up a few days before the event each week.

Hi all, thanks for the helpful replies! I was actually out of town for a few days so only now had the chance to come back to this. I will keep an eye out for Fri/Sat sessions in the future!

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