INSERTED PUN AS REQUESTED [My bouncy castle has almost tripled in V.A.L.U.E. since I bought it - It’s just another product of inflation]

Hey players and dungeon masters!

How about we keep the train rolling and do another V.A.L.U.E game this week? I would DM a t2 could also do T3 but that requires enough players :stuck_out_tongue: it’s all up to you.

I also adjusted the time back to 7pm as things are allowed to stay open longer now. I’ll see you all there :slight_smile:
T1: levels 1-4
T2: levels 5-10
T3: levels 11-16
T4: levels 17-20

If you are planning to DM this time, make sure to include the Tier (and optionally the name) of the adventure you want run in your post.
If you are planning to join a specific game, please let the respective DM know.


:point_right: RPG Vienna Quick Start Guide

:point_right: V.A.L.U.E. rules

Item unlocks and their TCP cost can be found here.

Discord for questions and stuff

I will be there, hoping to play T3 :slight_smile:

Hoi, I will be there to dm part 2 of my Eberron game. We are level 2 now and those who joined previously have priority seating but if I have a spot free you can join. For more info here.

It’s time that another case get solved by H.I.M.

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Aza can’t solve riddles, but will assist the diverse crew in Sharn the best they can.


Although my monk feels frogal as usual, he will toadally join & help his friends in the next Eberron game, so that no one will froget any clues or leaps to false conclusions
Let’s see who will get croaked this Friday!


(will join as a player; T1, level 2)

:musical_note: … Baby join in me in death


Heyo, been a long a time but I plan on attending!

Can either:
DM Mines of Phandelver (T1);
Play T1, T2, T3

If DMing, I’d be more than happy to have folk who are new to D&D!

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I’ll be there aswell with a T1 character. If inspiration strikes also with an adventure, probably T2, will let you know tomorrow.

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Imma race from the Talenta Plains directly to sharn for another great mystery to solve! If there is still a Spot that is. Though I might be late


I would also like to join tonight. I will bring a T2 Charakter :slight_smile:

Hey, is there still a free slot for a player for tonight (T1 character, level 1)?



for you always :wink:

:robot: :dragon:


  • BufoBufo (T1; max. level 2; Eberron)
  • cat4laugh (T2)


  • Darthbinks (T1; level 2, Eberron)
  • grudm (T1; level 2; Eberron)
  • mane (T1; level 2; Eberron :t_rex: )
  • PatrickD (T1; level 2, Eberron)
  • S_journ (T1; level 1)
  • Elenaaa (T2)
  • Rayce_Kaiser (T2; could also dm T1 Mines of Phandelver)
  • Semanko (T2)
  • Fridi (T2)
  • ThatGuyTed (T2)

so we will have one T1 level 1-2 Eberron table (5 players) and one T2 table (5 players; 6 should Tiero do a last minute post^^)

Edit: wrote my own name wrong :rofl:
Edit: a wild ThatGuyTed appears

Sorry for the late notice. I’ll be there with T 1-3 Characters.

Will be a few mimutes late, sorry :frowning: