Hello everyone!
My name is Bruno. I’m a brazilian guy currently living in Vienna.

I’m a somewhat close to a complete newbie, but very eager to learn how to properly play DnD and have a good time with people!

I’ve always been around fantasy themed games, mostly Magic the Gathering, Warcraft and the mmo Neverwinter.
So I think it’s only natural to end up with this feeling of wanting to join some Adventurers League adventures (as I’ve been told and also read around that is a good way to start).

I would like to know if its possible to show up, with my wife, so we can have a first go at it at this friday or any regular friday night games :blush: (reminding that we are both newbies but we could come earlier to get a good idea of how things work and for character creation).

Wish you guys a great day

new players are always welcome, just make sure to anounce yourself in the relevant thread, so we can make sure there are enough DMs present to provide everyone a spot at a table :slight_smile:

That’s great! Will sure do.
Thank you for your reply