Hi, GM here! :)

Hey there folks!

My name’s Phil, I’m 33 and a (forever) GM mainly focused on PbtA, FitD and other indie RPGs.
I sadly have way more books and systems than I have time to play and my main RPG group went on hiatus this year, so I’m looking for a new group / new players. :slight_smile:

The last systems I played/GMed were: Blades in the Dark (FitD), Forbidden Lands (YZE) and Spire. I also have a boatload of obscure indie RPGs usually more focused on story-telling, narrative and role-playing than combat (DnD etc.) - some also focused on one shot session play. :two_hearts:

You can also hit me up on Discord anytime you wanna talk some more - already joined the server. :smiling_face: :crossed_fingers:


Sounds like we definitely want your ideas on the ‘systems to play’ thread…

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Welcome to the community,
You could join the Spire game as a player for once :slight_smile:

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Hi there phil. Welclme to our community.
If you ever feel like running Call of Cthulhu consider me a player for your game. Been looking for a playgroup for that for a while :stuck_out_tongue:

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