Hi everyone! (Immediately looking for Pathfinder players ;) )

Hi guys,
My Name is Marcus, I’m 35, born in Vienna, and avid roleplayer.
I started at about 15 with DnD3.0, and have since played 3.0/3.5, Vampire, DSA4/4.1, GURPS and a handfull of other systems.

I usually play with a group of friends, but since most of them have very limited time and or interest nowadays, so I am looking to find some more people to play.
Currently I am itching to play/master Pathfinder Kingmaker (the Tabletop Adventure Path).
We, 2 friends and me, are sadly not really enough to make for interesting gameplay, even running multiple characters it is a bit…limited. I would be fine with non-german speaking people, but one of my friends isn’t the most fluid in english, so german would be preferred.

Have a nice day, and game on,

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Hey Marcus
My name is Otto(20)
I would love to play with you and your friends
If you are lookig for more players there is an introduction thread where 2 people (Daniel and Matthias) are also trying to get to know some players to get a somewhat regular group of players together

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