Hey there, I'm May

Hello everyone, my name is May (she/her).
I was born and raised here in Vienna. My male cousins got me into playing video games. Especially JRPGs which made me love fantasy. My cousin has been playing DnD for years now and even DMed but I only recently got to play with him. He’s a nurse, so finding time to play is hard and I want to play really bad.

I would like to start playing on Friday at the WoWkeepers and I would like to bring a friend with me. She will log in in time. She’s also super hyped like me hehe
I also talked to her about the Sägewerk table and we loved that they have these sheets to fill out to put build your own meal :smiley:

Eventually I would like to find a DM for a one shot and potentially later for a campaign that would feature 3 of my friends (including the before mentioned girlfriend). None of them have ever played but are casually curious.

I can’t seem to be able to get into the Discord server, so here’s my instagram: @may_born_in_april

Excited to play <3


Welcome traveller! My name is Marvin (he/him).
If you want to join the friday and/or saturday game, just announce it in the corresponding thread when they get posted. In my experience the Value games are also a good place to meet people for home campaigns and such.

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welcome :slight_smile:

the FR-games thread typically drops on Tuestday-ish
just post in th erelevant Thread and how many of you will show up
as well as if any of you need help with character creation

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Hey May, great to have you here! The discord link should still work have you tried using a different device maybe?
Here’s the link again:

Also the Friday thread just dropped. I want to write them on monday but I am a little bit late on those sometimes ^^


Thank you for posting the discord link. I just joined :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hey there, could you please tell me when the Saturday/Sägewerk one usually drops?
I’m not sure, if I cannot find it

the one for this week has not dropped (yet)

you can also start one yourself :slight_smile: :+1:
I -sadly- very rarely can make it on the weekend

Sorry for the late post!

I’m sorry for not replying sooner!
Plans changed for my friends and I.
I apologize

No worries, RL always comes first :slight_smile: