Hello there Folks!

Hello there Folks! I am Michal!

I have been recently getting into DnD (to no small fault of Baldur’s Gate 3, fantastic game) and in the last 2 months I have been playing here and there from time to time but only online and only as a player.

This might be a bit overzealous as I don’t have a lot of expierenced playing but I want to try out DMing and playing in person. It would be DnD 5e though I did put it in the tags.

I am fluent in german and fluent in english though I might trip over some words due to not being used to speaking it!

Honestly this is just a little Intro post to maybe find people that would be interested in playing with me but I have no hard plans on starting anytime soon though anything can happen!


Welcome to the forum Michal:) you’re in the right place! There’s weekly Fridays night games and sometimes Saturdays, all the games i have been to or saw were in English but maybe there were some in German. There’s is already a post for next week Friday check it out and maybe join as a player and see how you would like it😁

Welcome! Lots of folk here looking to play - all times during the week, open to all sorts of systems, all sorts of genres.

Sometimes we get full tables looking for a DM, more often it is a DM pitches and idea and gets a bunch of players within a few days - I have no doubt you’ll find interest in whatever you want to run.