Table Matching Survey Results

Results as of 30/11/2023 (31 responses). I will update the genre/system information later but what stands out to me from the point of view of getting more tables going:

  • We have people interested to play most weeknight evenings - plenty of room to fit in a new game.
  • We have nine people interested to run a table - behold your player pool!
  • 11 of us are happy to play online
Preferred frequency of play
Multiple games per week 2
Weekly 16
Twice per month 8
Monthly 5
Share happy to play a campaign style
Long Campaign 58%
Mini-campaign 58%
Episodic 71%
One-shots 42%
Preferred session duration (replies)
2 hrs 1
3 hrs 8
4 hrs 14
5 hrs 6
6+ hrs 1
People available per day Only Day Both Only Evening
Monday 2 3 9
Tuesday 1 1 13
Wednesday 1 2 12
Thursday 0 2 14
Friday 5 3 13
Saturday 5 11 8
Sunday 5 14 6

Everyone is happy to play in person, 11 of us are also happy to play online.

What side of the screen do people want to be?
Only running games 4
Run or play 5
Only playing 21

The genre and system responses had some open text replies that I need to process.



Thank you for putting this together!

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Agreed! Great job @xaosseed

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System Happy to play Interested to try
D&D 5th Edition 26 0
Call of Cthulu 6 17
Pathfinder 6 16
Older D&D Editions (BX, AD&D, 3.5e, 4e) 9 12
Shadowrun 6 13
World of Darkness (Vampire, Werewolf) 5 10
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3 11
Dungeon World 2 12
Exalted 1 12
Savage Worlds 2 10
Mutants and Masterminds 1 11
Fate RPG 1 11
GURPS 1 11
Star Wars 3 8
Something else (add below) 4 6
Warhammer 40K 1 9

Plus ~3 hits each for

  • Blades in the Dark,
  • mörk borg
  • Powered By The Apocalypse games in general

And a mention each for

  • Trophy
  • the wildsea
  • Monster Hearts
  • Ironsworn
  • Pagan Pacts
  • Dungeon Crawler Classics
  • Monster of the Week
  • cbr+pnk
  • cyperpunk red
  • spire
  • alien rpg
  • vaesen
  • shiver
  • lancer
  • salvage union
  • anything rules light

Genre Love it! Interested to try
Dark fantasy / Sword and sorcery 23 6
Heroic / Epic fantasy 23 5
High/Epic fantasy 20 6
Fairy tale 13 11
Horror / occult fantasy 12 12
Post-apocalyptic fantasy 11 13
Science / techno / steampunk fantasy 11 12
Cyberpunk 10 10
Hard / Historical fantasy 10 9
Wild West 10 9
Psychological Horror 6 12
Space Opera (star wars) 6 12
Hard Sci-fi (Expanse) 7 10
Wartime 3 12
Zombie Horror 3 10
Grimdark future (40k) 3 10
Superhero 4 8

Plus three mentions for ‘Mystery’ and one each for

  • Low/no magic fantasy
  • Mech sci fi
  • “Silly” Fantasy á la Terry Pratchett
  • Eldritch Horror

So people are looking for a sword & sorcery game … that meets weekly or bi-weekly … for 4 hours … to play episodic adventures.

Nope, can’t think of anything like that.


Thank you so much for organising this poll! This has really motivated me to put serious thought into the longer 5E campaign I’d eventually like to run. It’s been half-baked in my head for ages. Maybe I’ll work on it over Xmas and post about it here in the new year :eyes:


Hmmmm horror and Sci-fi seem to have some interest. Maybe I’ll be able to find some people to try out “Mothership” with me.

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Yep, yep - my read is that there is appetite for almost anything and on a much wider range of times that I would have suspected - so whatever idea you had, give it a go because you are sure to find some folk willing to try.

These are great results! Shows that play time seems to have more issues with supply side than demand side - although of course, some of that is absorbed by the weekly events. DMs should take comfort from the results and the recent popular postings of alternative systems (Household, Itras By, Heart and Spire) to throw something out there if they want to try! :smiling_face:

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yeah I plan to do a Darthbinks “Santa” dm-thingy
where I at least try to run a non-DND oneshot every month (or two months) or so

I’m definitely curious about geographical preferences. Like others I’m sure, I was planning to post a new weekday campaign starting in January, but I live in the lower 19th (about 10 minute walk from Turkenschanzpark) which might be a little far for most people on school/work nights. I’m curious to know where people are willing to travel to for a game.

We play in Türkenschanzpark when the weather’s warm (drop by any time!). Hasn’t deterred anybody yet. :slight_smile:

:point_up: can recommend

You’re too kind.