Go east to find V.A.L.U.E (Feb 23rd)


DMs (4):

  • xaosseed :spaghetti: T1
  • Xyathn :dragon: T2
  • Col_Mustard_Ret :medal_military: T1
  • truecrawl :abacus: T2

Players (21):

  • Lobster :spaghetti:
  • Evil_Danvil :spaghetti:
  • iBug :spaghetti:
  • IrisIris2000 :spaghetti:
  • schwick :spaghetti:
  • jboimler :dragon:
  • Takanari :dragon:
  • Carcharoth :dragon:
  • lol39r :dragon:
  • NadenSall :abacus:
  • Slabby :abacus:
  • Atanen :abacus:
  • Janlocks :abacus:
  • Avallona :abacus:
  • Istariel :abacus:
  • Martin :medal_military:
  • jackfruitchilli +1 :medal_military: :medal_military:
  • Rori_95 :medal_military:
  • Xerdor
  • crowoverhoe
  • Tiero

This is a living list, updating it as we go.


Re: the session, I will be running on Friday, Feb 23rd, starting a little late (7:30)

At VALUE, sometimes DM run one-shots (stories that only last for a single session), and sometimes they run stories that go for multiple sessions. But all welcome new players.

Mine is a storyline that has been going on for a few sessions, and is continuing on Friday. Thatโ€™s what I meant by โ€œnext session.โ€

Will be joining ThatGuyTed if he runs the finale of โ€œRevolutionโ€ or Xyathnโ€™s table as Ken. :blush:

Will be joining @Xyathn Session with my Tier 2 Character prepared for this Adventure :slight_smile:

Would love to join T1-3 if it would be possible!

Sorry! Really didnโ€™t mean that! As I scrolled, everybody wanted to play only at one table. Can I do anything to conciliate you?

Would you have seats left for 2 (you may have revenge if you will)?


@xaosseed can you please add me to your table :spaghetti:

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Hi there guys :hugs: , first time here and would love to join a table, whichever is free, so either xaoseed or xathyn! Iโ€™ll be coming in as a tier 1 player as Iโ€™m a total newbie hehe

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We can join the same table:)

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All well - youโ€™ve come here and said what table you want to join so all done.

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I would like to come. Im a first-timer, read up on the rules.

I still have to make a charackter and would like to start from T1. I will come a bit earlier to make one. I wouldnt know any table to join.

(18 y.o.)

@truecrawl too please, T1 or T2 we are OK with both!

This thread is for Requisite only, with the one for wowkeepers still to be opened? I figured Iโ€™d wait until its up before posting, but now im not sure. I too will play again this week, at Teds table if possible. At wowkeepers preferably

Yes, this is the thread for Die Requisite - I do not know if WowKeepers will open or if Ted will run his table.

Haha, no worries. Or rather, to be clear: I will absolutely still take it out on you someday :smiley: But no offense was taken.

I saw that you posted for another table after this one, so I will wish you luck and good gaming on that table for this Friday!

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:sweat_smile::wave:t2::droplet: Phew! So I donโ€™t need my expendable character then? :see_no_evil:

That was another player, we would be potentially 4-5 players, but without a DM

@truecrawl for sure, @NadenSall and @Slabby maybe, @Janlocks? But no DM yet

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@xaosseed is there still room at your table? If so, Iโ€™d like to join you again this week.

Looks like Iโ€™ll be DMing, but we could probably use one more with the number of people signed up.

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I will join Tedโ€™s table over at wow keepers and make some space here. Have fun all :slight_smile:

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So WoW-Keepers is going to open up too

@Mexikorn - I assume you will go play with Ted at WoW-keepers

Do any of yโ€™all @NadenSall @Slabby @Atanen @FoggyPortents @RootLeaf @DieGio8002 plus guest @Janlocks @snnTV want to switch over to WoW-Keepers?