German speaking, trying out gamemastering

i like playing pen and paper rpg´s, austrian guy, 40 years old. I want to gamemaster a german speaking dnd group, no previous gm experience. i am searching for players willing to try this with the beginner edition (Starterset).

I am not the very rule oriented player, i am more interested in the narrative and the communication part of rpgs.

I am based in 1220 Donaustadt / Vienna, due to Corona I would - for now - like to play primarily via Skype, jitsi, discord whatever…

Please email me if you are interested.

Hi Jaron,

Is this still up? Are there already players? I would be interested.

Dear Linyin,

thx for your interest. No, not anymore actually, I think. I want to play german DnD now due to time aspects. It is not that easy finding viable groups, but I suggest you try out roll20 and Discord. I have played via roll20 and discord with an italian group. there is a big german community there too (roll 20) but I did not yet figure out how to join as a plyer to a one of the german groups. Are you based in Germany/Austria? I am from Vienna. Nice to meet you, lets keep in touch, Michael

My email is

Maybe we can keep in touch and we find 1-2 other people? I play online due to Covid as I am basically at home all the time. I play a rpg with my friends, a crime story without a system/rules. But I would like to play german dnd. I have bougt the starters kit in german with some prepared characters and an adventure (mines of phandelver).

As I am married and we are having a baby now I am quite OK with home office and playing online from home, but I am used to real pen & paper rpgs

Hello and welcome!

Since this Forum is mainly for the international crowd here in Vienna and people that prefer playing in english I fear that you won’t have a lot of success finding enough players. We have a collection of Links for people that are looking specifically for german speaking groups right here: Some links for people specifically looking for german speaking groups!

Good Luck in finding a nice party!