Some links for people specifically looking for german speaking groups!


Since there is an influx on posts recently about people looking specifically for german speaking groups I thought that we could point them towards the right directions, since this forum is primarily for the international community or for people who prefer playing in english (like me :P)
Of course you guys are always welcome but in case you won’t have a lot of success here I thought this might be a good idea.

Maybe we could even pin a post like this so it is easy to find for people that stumble upon our Forum since it is the first google result for most searches that have to do with vienna and rpgs.

Wiener Rollenspieler:

This is a very active facebook group with a big member pool and people are always posting about looking for games / player etc. It is probably the best place to find german speaking groups here.

German Speaking Adventurers League on Roll20

If you want 5E games that you can hop in when you have time than adventurers league is the place to be! You can join when a game is up and your character progresses with every session forward. This is only for DnD 5E though.


Planet Harry has a newsletter where people can post their “Looking for Group” and “Looking for Players” in! Just message their Facebook page via PM and give them your details and ask to be included in the next newsletter!

Pen-Paper Forum:

The pen-paper forum has seen more active games but posts are still being made and people still have conversations there. It is suffering from the pandemic like many similar sites. I still think making an account and a post there can’t hurt :slight_smile:

Die Festung:

Die Festung is primarily a forum for people into tabletop games like Warhammer, X-Wing and similar games but they also have a Roleplaying board there. (
I got to know the community through playing X-Wing. The forum is active and well visited so I am sure one can find people there as well!


I have seen people sucessfully look for players on reddit in before! I think a lot of people that are into the hobby also use reddit since it is a great way to communicate with all kinds of folks around the world and share stories and experiences playing RPGs so the chance is very high that you will be successful finding players or a group there!

You can also try creating a post in
This sub is more visited by americans but if you mark your post as german (and are looking to play online) I am sure you can find people from Austria and Germany easily there as well. I personally run an online Call of Cthulhu game for over 2 years now that I advertised there and ended up with 1 player from Austria, 1 player from Germany, 1 player from Finnland and 1 American player.

Other Links:

Resource for rules, adventures and such on german


Great idea :+1:

you could also write a PM to PLANT HARRY
he puts your “Looking For Group” in his next news letter :slight_smile:


There is also a German Adventurers League on Roll20

I’ve played with them once and they seemed open to new players.

Also D3 is a good resource for rules, adventures and such

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Thank for the suggestions! I will add them to the original post when I have access to my pc later! Who do we need to @ to ask if the post could be pinned? :thinking:

Pinned this thread. Great job :+1:

Great Post! A regular question I got from friends from Lower Austria, wherther I know about any forums where they could find players/GM-s/games also in the coutryside.
Maybe these links will help them out as well.

Alright I added all the links from the replies as well. I will try to keep this post up 2 date if more suggestions come in. If you know people looking for german speaking groups and/or see a post looking for german speaking folks you can give them the link to this threat now :slight_smile:

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