Gauging Interest In Monthly Non D&Ds

Hey All!

For those who don’t know me, I started at VALUE in September 2022, played consistently until Jan, then got derailed by emergencies. I’ve been in and out since but looking forward to rejoining the Friday games on a regular basis starting October. I love to play, but I’m also experience running so I’ll plan to run whenever an extra hand is needed. On the upside of that derailment, I’ve had lots of time to catch up on my game reading.

Which brings us to the topic at hand! Based on the “Other RP-systems interest” topic: is there any interest in non-D&D one-shots once a month or so on Fridays?

If there’s 0 interest, I’ll prepare D&D stuff. If there’s some interest, I’d start with Vaesen (“A Wicked Secret”), or Delta Green (to be determined by numbers- some modules don’t work well at 4+ people). If there’s a ton of interest someday to move beyond one-shots, I can offer the 2021 update of Cthulu’s “Horror on the Orient Express” which less a one-shot and more a year and a half nightmare journey. But let’s take things one step at a time.

I figured I’d ask now so I know where to allocate my reading time. I’m not looking for commitments, just general “Yes, I’d be interested”, or “No, stick with D&D”. Thank you for your time, and happy gaming!



If you want a good gauge of interest there was a recent thread on just that subject…

Thanks! That topic was what sparked this one. This was an attempt to translate “things people are interested in trying” into an actionable plan to try them out once a month :slight_smile: Wasn’t sure if monthly Fridays would be a desired venue for people.

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Hey @Xyathn I’ve moved this to General/LFG as it’s a better fit there.

Im interested. Also open to everything. But especially interested in CoC

I am definitifly intertested in other games. I trying myself to get some Cyberpunk Red off the ground and would also be open for other systems.

I saw a video on delta green and CoC and was very inteigued, I would be very interedred to play a one shot of something of those besides d&d

I dunno. I heard that one’s kinda railroady. :slight_smile:

@Neil : Thanks, I debated between the two.
@Xerdor : Cyberpunk Red sounds fun! Definitely willing to try.
@H : I’d argue, but I wouldn’t want to take the topic off-track…

Everyone: Thanks for the responses! I’ll adjust my reading toward the Delta Green/Cthulu variants to start (I’ve Keeper’d before… or is it kept?) with focused sessions based on expected groups of 1-4. It’ll be Halloween time around then so it’ll be a good fit. And I’m always happy to join a game of D&D if it doesn’t work out, I’ve missed my haregon, and I’m still surprised the halfling survived White Plume Mountain. The 2 barbarians with 5x his hit points probably had something to do with that…

Excellent rejoinder!

But yes, let’s not derail this …


Agreed, people might get steamed.

You’re putting up quite the smokescreen with all the hot coals you’re moving around here, I do not mean to railroad y’all even more, but maybe this should get back on topic