FULL! 2 slots for Warhammer 2e mini-campaign (2-3 sessions)

Hello everyone,

On 14th of August (next Monday just before the bank holiday), I will organize the first session of a Warhammer Fantasy tabletop-rpg mini-campaign (dark fantasy game) which will take probably 2-3 sessions in total.

In this game, we shall play with commoners who travel to the “Big City” to be adventurers… what could go wrong?

(The first session will be an introduction one, rules shallbe explained on the spot. No previous knowledge or experience is necessary. However, we shall play with pre-generated characters)

We have still 2 free slots, if you are interested to join, just comment here.

2023-08-25 19:30 - 22:30

I still have to book a table, but most probably in a pub in the city center

What do I need to bring?

A piece of paper, pencil/pen and 2 10-sided dices and a 6 sided one (I can borrow these on the spot as well, no need to purchase this)

Hey, never played Warhammer but would love to try, sign me up😁

hey, I’ve recently had a go at warhammer fantasy rp 4e.

I would like to join and see what does 2e have to offer :slight_smile:

hi @Nat1, @Dusan, welcome!

Please generate a character with the following link, export the characters as .pdf and send them to me either here or privately.


(Do not think too much about your characters, you are not expected to have power-characters for this game)

If your character is a criminal or prefer to keep his real identity in secret, write to me privately about a cover story (like you are posing as farmers, grave diggers, etc.)

For everybody else: the rooster is full for now, depending on availability, I might open slots for the second session.

doc.pdf (309.8 KB)

lemme know if I missed sth in it :slight_smile:

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Warhammer_CS.pdf (165.7 KB)

@S_journ do you already know when/where are we meeting tomorrow?

Thanks both of you! One point for @Nat1 - I saw your character will be female and elf. I won’t make the game racist and/or sexist, but the dark fantasy setting itself might be not too benevolent (just in case if you want to change something).

Hi Dusan, tomorrow we surely start at 19:30, but I can call tomorrow the bar Fladerei Goldschlagstraße (near Westbahnhof) earliest at 11:00 to reserve a table.
But in worst case I can host at my place near U6 Alterlaa.

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It turns out, the places I was looking for are closed today or will open quite late. Hence I will host in my place tonight, I will send you my adress in a private message

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