Friday's AL @ 1070 dungeons to conquer, undead to vanquish, helpless princes to rescue,



I’d like to be there for ToA, tier 2 ranger


If there is room, I’d like to play ToA to play tier2


So my friend cant come.
So Mulog, would you like to play more, or to DM? Cause imo, you dmed a lot and deserve a break, and I will Dm instead. But im up for whatever.


Thanks for the offer!
But it looks like we gonna need 3 tables.

ToA will be:

  • Rene (DM)
  • Nepu
  • Hamer
  • Toni
  • Blueblaze
  • Shadow
    6 (including DM)

That leaves 10-12 players (depending on whether @Tersidian and @Publius are gonna play) including DMs. So even if 2 more go to the ToA table (to make it a full 7 player table), there are at least 8 players left. That would make one full table. So if only one more person shows up, we will need a third table.
I don‘t know about you, but I prefer 5 player tables anyway…

My suggestion: Rene and you DM. I will have the adventure prepared and we will see how many people show up.


Cool :+1:


I am not going to play, I think I need I need the Friday evening for some last minute preparation for my own campaign. Have fun guys


Oh shit nearly forgot to sign up I will come of course like every week


So @Tersidian, do you know if you are going to make it?

In any case we are going to need 3 tables, if I haven’t miscounted.


  • Rene (DM)
  • Nepu
  • Hamer
  • Toni
  • Blueblaze
  • Shadow
  • HDGames
    (theoretically one more spot)

That leaves 10-11 players/DMs.


I think i’ll make it today, so i’ll be there around 18:00 in case someone needs help


Hi all,
Planning to join in after a while as a T1 player. Glad Tersidian decided to DM :slight_smile:
Btw, I finally got most of my stuff over so I look forward to DMing some future sessions as well.


i’m not dming today


Right, misread that.
Hopefully we’ll have two more DM’s.


i will be there a Little early as well since i am not 100% sure if i did everything Right with my characters


We have 3 DMs in total: Resil, Rene and myself. So we should be fine. :blush:

I plan on starting as early as possible (without stress) since tonights adventure is once again a 4 hour affair so it will most likely take a bit longer.

7 people at ToA, leaving 12 people for 2 tables with 5 players each.


Sorry I have to cancel I got sick


Get well soon!


Thanks to my players for a most memorable and fun session!
You almost made it to the end.

And I will proudly take my place in history with the first TPK at the Adventure League Vienna.


The motto of todays adventurers league should be “Everyone dies, the end”
But anyway… Thank you all for one of the most stressful, but also the most clutch and fun session ive ever dmed.
Sorry for the people who bled out. Your names shall be written in the annals of history.


It really was quite intense, haha. Thanks for all the fun! :smiley:


Soooo… The players at my table that survived, you get some story awards.
The Worms that See
You have caught the attention of an imprisoned god, and his minions will express his displeasure with you. Minions of Kyuss and insects will target you by preference in combat, and attack you with savage ferocity.
To Wear the Cloak
If your character is an arcane spellcaster, Zor Krennin has offered to sponsor your admittance into the Brotherhood of the Cloak. Though joining the Cloaks is mandatory for any arcanists seeking to stay in Mulmaster for an extended period of time, and sponsorship is not required, Zor Krennin’s sponsorship might be a future boon.