Friday's AL @ 1070 dungeons to conquer, undead to vanquish, helpless princes to rescue,

and probabably lots of other stuff too!

This is happening @ Cafe Zehnsiebzig, Burggasse 68, 1070 Vienna

I can’t promise i’ll be there this week, got a lot of stuff to sort out atm (and i’m currently slightly sick, so i hope that gets better as well :smiley:)
In case i make it i would prefer to play this time (T1 or T2), but i might be able to prepare a little something just in case (It won’t be the continuation of the Orasnu based adventures as we hit the point where they actually are T2 adventures, so we need to get a couple more characters ready for that first)

Per usual please announce yourself if you plan to be there, and tell us wether you plan to DM or play, and what Tier (T1: level 1-4, T2: level 5-10, T3: level 11-16, T4: level 16-20) of Adventure or character you plan on bringing.

In case you are new you can either bring a fresh character adhering to the AL rules found in the ALPG for Forgotten Realms, be there early and have somebody with a bit of experience help you (empty character sheets are stored at the Cafe with their board games), or take one of the pregens (also stored with the board games)

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Comin presumably with a friend. So I would prefer to play tier UNO
Just in case I can continue to Dm Domm

I wish you a speedy recovery, @Tersidian!

I plan on coming and I can DM a tier 1 adventure, I haven’t decided which one yet, but I am eying DDEX2-05 - Flames of Kythorn, which would be in the same story line as last week’s adventure.
This looks like a much more RP-driven/investigative adventure. How do people feel about that? Would you be interested or rather have something more fight focused?

I could also play of course, tier 1 or tier 2 (in both cases, there is an incarnation of Waboo available).

Coming to play as usual. Can do either tier 1 or 2.

I wanna come and play as well. Bringing two T1 characters both of witch i think i have to run by someone who knows what hes doing since I’m not 100% sure they are fine (One of them new and lvl1 the other would be my character from last week modified).

coming to Play with a t1 character

…I’ll be there :slight_smile: (T1)
also, definitely sounds interesting ,@mulog :smiley:

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I will continue ToA

I am coming with a Tier 2 and a Tier 1 character to play

Will be there with my T2 (lvl 6) fighter - to continue in ToA

I’ll come too. Will bring a T1 (lvl2) and another T1 (lvl1) just in case :smile:.

Will be there with a friend. We both have a T1 character

I will there to exchange some stuff with another member, if there is a place free, I will prepare a T1 druid, if not I will simply leave after the exchange is done.

I am counting 15 people at the moment (including DMs and Tersidian).

So only space for one more player. Maybe someone else could DM as well? And Imho it is nicer to have smaller tables anyway.

I’ll come as well with a T1

I would like to continue ToA with my now T2 character, I also bring a backup in case it’s needed :slight_smile:

although it seems that the tables are full I would like to continue ToA with my t2 cleric. but tell me if there is no space

I think ill just in case prepare a t1 adventure cuz we mighta need it.

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That would be awesome!

Ill run Serenade of pain.