Friday is Adventurer's League @ Spielbar

I’d prefer to play, (either my level 5 wizard or one of my level 1 characters) but if the need arises i can DM, probably Curse of Strahd (T1-T2)

as usual i will be there at around 18:00 in case anybody needs help, also please announce yourself if you plan to be there and if you’d like to DM, or which level of character you’d be bringing

Ill be there as a player.
If needed ill dm DoMM.

The usual - coming as a player, lvl 7, or 1 if needed.

Friday was pretty fun, we’d like to show up again, though we would be 4 people this time I think.

I can DM T1 again if needed, but would like to try playing… unfortunately though we’re planning on running a Curse of Strahd campaign in a month or two so that’d be a bit spoilers. So if that’s the only T1 someone else could run, I’ll just prep something :slight_smile:

Trying to come this time too, feeling much better, hopefully it won’t come back to bite me in the ass until Friday like last time. If I make it, I’ll prep a Tier 1 adventure too, to be sure.

I and a friend will definitely come Friday we will have tier 1 characters

I’ll be there and bring my tier 1 character. :smiley:

I’ll join as a tier 1 character

Is there still space for 1 more? I would like to join in as well. I don’t care what level character we start as bit I need to know if I need to make my character ahead of time.

if you’re new to Adventurer’s League your character has to start at level 1, you can make your character in advance, just read through the ALPG which can be found here
if you are there early (i’m usually there at around 18:00, while playing tends to start sometime between 19:00 and 20:00) you can make your character there, sheets and books will be available, or you can pick one of the pregens i usually bring along, you can change anything about a character in AL until the character reaches level 5, so the pregen option isn’t too bad if you are short on time

Will come too! Lvl5 or 1

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Where is this going to take place?

Spielbar as the title states

Ohh… I thought it was just German for playabl:sweat_smile:e

I will be there as a player

So who all is DMing? Seems like everyone wants to play this time haha

And how long is a session? I live one and a half hours away and must be mindful of traveling time.

Regularly till 12:00

So I told another friend about this in passing and he might want to join too… which would potentially bring my headcount to 5 level 1s including me.

I need to make the lazy bums make their own accounts.

Hi all,
I’d also like to join. I am quite experienced in D&D 3.x and Pathfinder, while I*ve never played the 5th Edition.
I will read through the ALPG and create a 1st-level character :slight_smile:

See you on Friday @Spielbar!