Friday is Adventurer's League @ Spielbar



Just a reminder, that you do no roll for stats)


Ack :slight_smile:


I’ll be there with a level 2 cleric :slight_smile:


ok if i didn’t miscount we have 18 people coming, that means we’ll need 3 DMs
i still would prefer to play, but i’ll have something prepared for T1 in case it’s needed, but as i do plan to DM the next 2 weeks, it’d be great if i can play again this week :slight_smile:


So I’m back in the country as well and should have time today to drop by. Though it seems there’s already a ton of people so I’ll probably just have a beer and say hi. I will bring Bob the cleric though, just in case (he’s still tier 1)


I haven’t had the time to prep anything this week, unfortunately, so I can’t DM tonight… Sorry :frowning:


How are we gonna recognize you guys. Especially you @Tersidian


Just walk around the bar and ask really obscure rules questions aloud. The guy who knows all the answers is @Tersidian.


So if I ask if a rogue wearing leather is been restrained should his AC be 12 because of no dex ? :grin:


The answer would be that in 5E especially in AL the AC would still include dex mod …

We usually just sit in the back and I should have a bunch of rulebooks out and maybe a battle map and stuff … :blush:


Cool thanks :+1:


I’ll be there with a lvl 3 ranger


Do we need to people to step down, since it looks like it’ll be very busy with very few DMs?


Nah, We have 3 dms in total.


Cool beans, thanks guys. I was #stressing


yeah we only need to hope spielbar has enough space to give us a 3rd table … :smiley:


Is there still space for one more lvl1 character?


should be


Ill come around 7.30


Uh, guys, I’m here early, but all the tables in the non-smoking room are already reserved by other people. Including our usual two all the way in the back.