Friday @ 1070 is time for AL!

As every friday we’ll meet up in Cafe Zehnsiebzig located in Burggasse 68, 1070 Vienna
Please announce yourself here if you plan to come (and if you can’t make it it would be very good if you could tell us too, so we don’t wait unnecesseraliy), also please tell us if you plan to DM or play and what Tier of Adventure or level of character you are bringing.
If this is your first time joining Adventure League your character has to start at level 1. You can either prepare a character up front adhering to the rules in the ALPG for Forgotten Realms, come early to get help preparing a character or pick up a pregen (if you’d like a pregen of a specific class you can write me a PM and i’ll try to make sure that there is a pregen of that class present).
Games usually start between 19:00 and 20:00 depending on the presence of the players that have announced themselves here.
I will be there at around 18:00 in case anybody needs help or has some questions.

I’ll bring another T1 Adventure (DDAL4-06 - The Ghost) set in Barovia, i’ll probably also bring a T1 and T2 character in case there are enough DMs and we’re in need of another player instead, but i’d prefer to DM this week.

Coming as a player T1-2.
Can potentially DM Tier 2 table with my Domm

I’m coming with a friend, both of us will play Tier 1

Coming as a T2 player for ToA, but I am also gonna prep a T1 adventure, just in case.

Coming, T2 Charakter, I’d be happy to continue ToA

will be there trying to not get my group into more trouble while trying not to die myself

Waboo wants to bring more love to Barovia.

(Coming with a T1 character. Will have a tier 1 adventure prepared just in case)


I’ll be there (T1/T2) to continue to be Waboo’s #1 fan :heart:


I want to play with a T1 character.

I will finally be able to make it again too. tier 2 or 1 player :slight_smile:


risking another character at my table? :innocent:

Please be gentle :pleading_face:

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Would like to come too, just recently bought and read through the beginners box but can’t get my friends and family to agree on a date or participate at all. Will bring a new level 1 character.

I’ll be there (T1/level 3) :smiley:

It seems I spoke too quickly, I won’t be able to make it after all. Have fun!

After some long months of afternoon shifts, I too shall be there.

Will bring a fresh Tier 1 character.

I’ll be there with a T2 character

Hey there!
New Player here. Coming only with Enthusiam and no clue what im doing :wink:

I would like to DM ToA but i will also bring my tier 1 and 2 chars

i remember you being nervous about dming and now it looks like you can’t get enough of it! :slight_smile: awesome :wink:

also right now i count 16 people (including 2 DMs), so if any more want to come we’ll need another DM (i’d assume preferably Tier 1)