Friday @ 1070 is time for AL!



I’ll come with a T1 and hopes to actually make it till the end game this time,)


Looks like I’m going to be DMing then. Tier 1, 4 hours of madness.

I might bring another player (very experienced) this week and she will have of course a seat at my table.
I will confirm that later.

@rene. @Tersidian: I can totally relate. Once I got a little more comfortable with DMing I really, really enjoy it. Especially since all the AL players are so nice :blush:

To all the new players: Welcome! You came to the right place.

@Lup: If you buy me enough beer I might DM in character as Waboo. (“The goblin tries to hug you with a 22 to hit. It does 4 points of hugging damage”) :laughing:


Bad News, I sadly have to cancel for the two of us
Maybe next week
Have a Fun evening everyone
@mulog sorry for the trouble


No trouble at all! I have the adventure prepared anyway. (of course it is still better if you come in general).

We are still at 16 people ( = 2 full tables) and it is only Tuesday. So it is quite likely that I will DM.


I can Dm Domm for t2 and y1 will gather in ToA


Let’s see how the situation develops in the next days. If my friend really can come (and it is looking good), I would like to DM, if possible…

As far as I can see, the potential T2 players for DoMM atm would be @Lup, @Martin and @shaunathatambulancegirl … But I think Shauna has played ToA before, not sure if she wants to continue that…?


is there still room for a t2 character?


I’ll be there with a T2 character, I’d like to continue ToA if possible


Although I will bring T2 and a T1. I’d actually prefer to play the new T1 character. So if you gonna DM your 4hour madness I’d gladly participate :smiley:
But we’ll see how it works out player count wise. :slight_smile:


@blueblaze At the moment there seems to plenty of space :blush:

@Martin: You are always welcome at my table! I hope you don’t know the adventure, though (“DDEX2-02 - Embers of Elmwood”).


@mulog doesn’t ring a bell at all :slight_smile:


Hello! I’d like to come to the meetup this friday. I’ll also be bringing a friend of mine and we’ll both be wanting to play as T1 characters of our own making.


I’d like to continue ToA if possible but I’m open to whatever is available seat wise when I show up!


would love to continue the adventures of spheven the amnesiac half elf. but sadly this week i am otherwise obliged. have fun and see you next week


new player here. I have never played D&D and my whole knowledge is from watching it on youtube.

Is there still place for me?
I would be there around 18:00 because I have no idea how to create a character and need help with it.
Should I bring any accessories?


there should be enough space, the only thing you absolutely have to bring is the interest to try it :slight_smile:
besides that a set of dice always is useful (but there will be enough dice available, so no worries if you don’t have a set yet), a pencil and maybe eraser (once again there will be plenty available just in case) and enough money to pay for whatever you consume at the Cafe :smiley:


Then I’ll be there around 18:00


Just to give a quick, non-committal overview:

I am counting 20 people including DMs.
I assume that these 6 players will be at Rene’s table for ToA (tier 1 & 2): Hamer, HDGames, Toni, Shauna, blueblaze, Shadow

That leaves two tier 1 tables (DMs: Tersidian and myself) with about 5-6 players each.

Looks like it is working out very nicely and there are still spots for 4 additional players.

For everybody who is not playing ToA, you will probably have the choice between dying of cold (Tersidian’s table) or fire (my table).


I will come as wll and bring a Tier 1 lvl 1 Char.


@rene I play ToA if you run it :blush: