Exploiting magic items/character creation

I just looked through my item options for reaching level 5/tier 2 and realized: I want more than one item. With the rules as written there’s nothing stopping me from creating a lvl5 character getting the item I didn’t choose, play him once get downtime days, trade the item to the character that actually wants it, abandon the created character, repeat until I have all the items I want. (Yes, I’m aware that the is a magic item limit)

Are the rules as written just exploitable? am I missing something?

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Nvm…I did miss something. Trades have to be one on one item of the same rarity

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@Takanari you can only trade with characters from other players


“Trading Magic Items”

Whenever your character trades a magic item, both characters involved have to spend 5 Downtime Days each. Trading permanent magic items with other characters is on a one-for-one basis of equivalent rarity. You can only trade with the characters of other players. Unique magic items may not be traded.

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so basically we do even have multiple fail safes in there :slight_smile:

  • 1:1 trades only (items of same rarity have to be exchanged)
  • only with other players
  • downtime cost for both involved characters

pretty solid all in all imho :slight_smile:

Other players just means that you have to plan it with someone else. Doesn’t change the general effort.

Downtime days are necessary but not difficult to get.

The only thing stopping me is the amount of items of that rarity

If people are determined to break a system, they will find a way.

If someone really cares that much to “win” at our VALUE games then I say let them.

honestly, needing to play a session with a character just to trade away his starter item is imho the biggest deterrent, after all you could spend the same amount of time to simply play a session with the character you want to strengthen, most of our DMs are quite generous with their item rewards, so this course of action would help way more usually

and if somebody was trying to break the system, they could just add whatever they want to their character, its not like any of us generally checks the character sheets or as if we had a central character repository to keep track of VALUE characters :slight_smile:

it is pretty much a honor system