Experienced DM --> consequently rarely a player


my name is Adrian and i moved from the 3rd to the 7th destrict just 2 months ago with my little daughter, a Dackel and my wife. Originally I am from Tirol but I came to Vienna for my PhD 6 years ago.
A week ago i had some breakfast in the “zehnsiebzig” where I heard from the friday dungeons and so I thought I´ll give it a try.

I had my first DnD experinece 22 years ago but I´ve only been playing efficiently since I´ve been in Vienna. Now i play mainly DnD 5e and Star Wars.
I am an experienced DM, but I´ve always played in german language (I will always make a dexterity check and not a Geschicklichkeits Rettungswurf!) As a DM you are consequently rarely a player, maybe I get my chance in the “zehnsiebzig”.

As a DM I created my own world, with loads of maps and recurring characters. I love to play with miniatures, it helpes to familiarizes oneself with his charcater.
Normally I dont´t use pre-made stories. I pick out things I like from books, films, games, critical role, etc etc and add them to my story.

In the first couple of evenings I would like to take the chance and be a player, later on I can also give the DM.

Thanks to the guys from yesterday who kindly introduced myself to RPG Vienna.

Slartibartfast/ Adrian


Hello and welcome!

Since this forum is specifically for the international and english speaking crowd to connect them with each other and people that just prefer playing in english, we have a pinned post for people looking for german speaking games (since it will be difficult finding that here)

Have fun and keep rolling these 20s!