Drinks, conversation, and Action Castle

Just in case somebody missed it in the entertaining but lengthy indie thread, a few of us will be meeting at Plutzerbräu tomorrow around 7 pm.

Meet new faces (and the people attached to those faces, too), have a drink or three, talk about roleplaying games or life in Vienna to your heart’s content, and join in a rousing game of Action Castle.

See you there!

Asking for permission to join, sir.

Me too

Me too[/quote]
Hey, no need to ask permission (especially not of me). Come one, come all, bring your pets…

We’ll meet at the table reserved for Alrik. See you tonight!

(Just in case anyone’s concerned: there’s no limit to the number of people who can play Action Castle. The more, the merrier…)

Hope yoou guys had s great time!

thanks for a great evening, everybody :slight_smile:

yeah, that was great fun, thanks everybody! :smiley:

would readily game with each and any one of you in the future :slight_smile: now just to find some dates that will fit for us all…

I had a great time as well, thanks everybody! :slight_smile:

@ Next time:
We did talk about time&date (next tuesday ~7:00 pm) but we didn’t talk about the game that we want to play that day.

Any suggestions?

I had a terrific time too - thanks all! Very nice meeting everybody and seeing the faces behind the Internet handles.

I won’t be here on Tuesday, unfortunately, but I’d love to get some games in with all of you. Did somebody ask for Dread…?

That was a fun night! I had a really good time and can’t wait for our next date. :slight_smile:

Since this is some kind of a playtesting thingy (or isn’t it anymore?), let’s start collecting ideas, shall we?

-H- already chipped in Dread (something I’d very much like to play myself) and I can give a demo of Polaris. Unfortunately Polaris is a game for four. As far as I remember there are some options for a 3-5 player game, but I believe it works best in its original form.

Yeah… and that leaves the question for a date. Who wanted to start the doodle thing?

Yeah… and that leaves the question for a date. Who wanted to start the doodle thing?[/quote]
I did - You (all) should have a PM with the doodle-link.

If I remember correctly, we talked about next tuesday ~7 pm as a possible date

I think Polaris won’t be a problem - I might have to drop out for next week. I’ve got more stuff to do than I anticipated.

EDIT: Both of those games look like a whole lot of fun… I’ll see what i can do. :frowning:

Hi guys! Polaris sounds cool to me, especially if we’re still on for a date next week even though it’s just a couple of us that can join.

Another thing that sounded great to me when mentioned in the previous thread was Dogs in the Vineyard, is anyone interested in playing it? We can also keep it in mind for later.


I’ll offer to run some Dogs if 3 or 4 people are interested in playing. A slightly longer session would be advisable for the first evening of that, however, since creating characters, playing out introductory scenes, and getting to (at least start with) the first town could ideally be done in one sweep. I’d say about 5-6 hours would be good.

Also, I’m very excited to try Polaris, and Dread sounds intriguing as well!

Furthermore, Primetime Adventures and Shock have been talked about, but we’ll see… sooner or later, we should get around to do all of them I’m sure :smiley:

How long would it take to play Polaris? is it a full blown campaign? If we’re going to start something like DiTV it would be nice if everybody could be there.

Agreed! I won’t be much in Vienna from November 21-22 till January 7-8 next year though :frowning: I can still manage some dates but it’s gonna be quite tight :cry: Anyway, I’ll do my best :slight_smile:

Cu soon

I think we could easily delay DitV until January, so Tam can be in it. We should be able to find enough other games to keep us occupied in the meanwhile :smiley:

Not sure about Polaris, but I reckon its fairly compact. Perhaps not doable in one session, but certainly more in the 3-6 sessions area than in the, say, 12+ sessions area… just educated guesses though, as I haven’t actually played it…

So ‘Dread’ then?
Just to make sure…does one of you actually have the game/required things for it? Because I’ve just glanced through a review that said something about needing another game(Jenga) - and I’ve (obviously) never played it before.

On another topic:
Where do you want to play? Again at Plutzerbräu? I’d totally be ok with that.

If that works that’s great!

I can bring Jenga with me, just tell me if we need it. (Don’t have anything else for the game though)

Plutzerbräu was cool though I also wouldn’t mind checking out the Spielcafé - never been there before :slight_smile: How does the date look now, is Tuesday still on? (Only four of us put our preferences in the doodle cal)

Bis gleich :slight_smile:

well. Assuming Alrik also comes, wouldn’t that be just right for a polaris game? (4 players + DM) Or does the 4 players include the DM?