DnD 5e open VALUE games @ cafe 1070: The portents of trouble speak in whispers

As y’all know, its DnD friday time. Who will come to play? Who will DM? I might DM “The most deaireable commodity” again. Maybe Ill play too.

T1/T2 here again!

I’ll come and bring my T1 Ranger

I will be there with my T2 druid.

I’ll be there for some T2 fun :grin:

I will be there - First time on a Friday I will DM - a T1 adventure in Baldurs Gate.

Will be there with my T1/T2/T3 characters.

I’ll be there and I’d like to reserve a place at your (PatrickD) table.

hey guys,
would like to join as well!

would lime to reserve on PatrickDs table as well.
anything to prepare?

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You don’t need much. Pencil, eraser, maybe some dice (but we also have some spare if you don’t have any).
You can make a lv 1 character according to our VALUE rules or simply show up a bit sooner and make it there.

ok thanks.
Another questions then: what does VALUE stand for?

going to join with a T1 Monk then :slight_smile:

Returning to fight evil with a T1 PC at @PatrickD’s table!

@wrock: V.A.L.U.E. is a collection of our community rules, similar, but more relaxed than the official D&D Adventurer’s League rules.

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V.A.L.U.E. stands for Vienna Adventurer League Ultimate Experience … :smiley:


Oh im not sure but i will try to make it!!
Will be joining as T1 if i make it ^^

Im not sure if ill make it, but i want to come and start a second char. So Tier 1 if im there :slight_smile:

I shall be there, T2 for the first time.

I’ll be there. T1/2/3

i will be their again with t1/t2 characters

I’ll be there to DM a (high) T1 adventure. I might not make it on time, I’ll probably be 10 to 15 minutes late.

Hey guys,

I haven’t been in Vienna for quite some time now - but I might be ably to join you on january 17th. Where do you guys meet? I remember that for my last session in Vienna we tried a new location because Spielbar was too crowded^^
How are things going?
(I am sorry, I know this isn’t technically the correct threat. However I really didn’t find a threat that’d be better suited.)
Best wishes! :smiley: