DnD 5e open V.A.L.U.E games. Ho Ho Ho, and the snow

The adventures never stop. Who is ready to join? Please announce your tier of play and attendance.
I will prolly DM or play(depending if I get an adventure ready)

I will come to play tier 2 (level 8 bladesinger).

Unless something terrible has happened I will be there again. Playing T2

I’ll be there with T1, T2 characters. Might also dm again if necessary; probably T1 (strong maybe on T2).

I will not be present this week - Have fun all. Get some of those characters towards T3 as I have a fun mini campaign planned for in the new year.

Will be there to play T1 or my first T2, hopfully… Not 100 percent sure when I leave for the holidays

I’ll come and play a T1 Character!

I’ll be there for t1 or t2.

I’ll play t1 or t2

I’m in, T1/2, preferably T1.
Personal side quest: cram in as many atrociously bad Xmas puns as possible.

i’ll be there playing T1 or T2

I will join for some T1.

I will be there with t1 or t2 characters

T1/T2 again!

@Resil If you DM @Michi and I would like a spot

You got it!:wink:

@Resil reserv a spot for me aswell

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Sure thingie

By the by, yeah Im Dming its confirmed

@Resil I will probably want to play at your table too :wink: