DnD 5e open games @cafe 1070. Like a walk in a park

As usual announce yourselves in this topic. I will not play or DM this time, but Ill be there.

Definitely Here this week to DM T2 in Chult.
+1 - confirmed
@PatrickD - confirmed
@Nepu - confirmed
@Semako - confirmed
@BufoBufo - confirmed
@joeder - confirmed
@cat4laugh - confirmed
Have priority for this table

I’ll come AL again. I wanna run DRA25_DDIA-XGE “Underworld Speculations”, it’s a T1 APL 3 adventure. So, ideally your characters average out to Level 3. Pack some beach clothes.

Edit: // due to the lack of interest and personal reasons I might not come… I have yet to decide.

one of the best adventures they created imho, ran it multiple times already so quite a few players (especially amongst those that have been part of AL/VALUE for a longer time by now) might know it

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I will come for tier 2 (characters at level 7 or 6) as always, @Samgiblett :slight_smile:

Coming for your t2
Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

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Will be there yo DM LMoP!

I will be there for a t1 adventure :grin::+1:

If you have your arcane trickster, it is following along the same storyline…

Definitely coming again. Still a bit undecided on if I dm or where I want to play

I can bring him, of course :slight_smile:

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I’d like to join your T2 adventure, if there is space

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I’ll be there again for lmop. :slight_smile:

Coming to your adventure :slight_smile:

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Hi. I’d like to come and DM the well known ‘A Wild Sheep Chase’.

~3-6 players, levels 3-5.

Would somebody be able to please share something to use as DM screen and a battlemap with me/my table?

Confirmed players:


Hi there Ill be at your disposel :slight_smile:

@Fnark I’d like to join. Anything I need to know when making a character?

Char creation rules are here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1m6Vz4fKDaYE7Drwiqal0xNmoh9_wTnOZg0gxDx8gH3U/edit

Let me know if you are good to go for a character with at least level 3 and I’d be happy to welcome you to the table :slight_smile:

@Fnark Ah, damn, I’ve never played any AL/VALUE stuff :unamused:

Will be there with tier1/tier2 characters