D'n'D 5E - Barbarians and Clerics Campaign


Ok, would Wednesday work for you?


Sure, I hope it is fine for you as well!


Sure thing


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So… we play tomorrow? :sweat_smile:


I think so. Everybody still alright with that? :slight_smile:


Sadly I cannot make it this time, have fun tonight!


Alright Beltalowda, here is the new poll for the next session!



Hello everyone!

My Name is Chris and I started playing Pathfinder some time ago. This got me into the P&P world and I have to admit, that I got kinda addicted. My pathfinder campaigns are running, but I wanted to see what else there is in this P&P world and got a hint from one of my best freinds to check out DnD 5e.

so I am looking right now for a DnD 5E round. If there is still a spot open at your group, I´d gladly jump in and take it.
It would be nice if I could try the game that has such an awesome reputation among veterans and new players.

Hope to see you soon :slight_smile:



Hey guys, in case you’ll arrange a game around 26.2-4.3, sadly I cannot attend, as I’m pretty occupied with moving right now, If you run a game, have fun and I’ll try to join next week!



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So it seems like Monday and/or Tuesday it will be. :smile:


Great! Please, let me know on forum/SMS/smoke signals which one will be.


Let’s do Monday shall we? Me looking for approval from our DM


So how about today? :smile:


Today is unfortunately a no, since about ahlf the party plus the Dm have a prior commitment


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Thanks for the message @Simon & @Parsley, I’ll be there (at her dad’s house - thanks for the place!)


Hey guys, I’ll be late (I think, I’ll be there around 20:00)


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