Dn(d) evolution: Round 3 - DnD 3.x

Edit: we already have 7 players for this session and to avoid overcrowding, sadly we cannot accept more players. However, if you are interested about the game, drop a comment and if there are enough applications, we can organize another session for you.


As I’ve already mentioned earlier in some posts, we have started a retrospective series of games to play, explore and (re)discover the evolution of Dungeons & Dragon games.

After our great opening event and the epic follow-up, we are making a big jump in time from the 80’s to 2000’s, when the 3rd edition (and later 3.5) was released and marked a beginning of a new era.

A new era, in terms of rules, hype and naming (from this point we call the games according to the formula of “DnD + edition number”). In what other ways was this version different from the others? The missing “Advanced” tag from the name refers to a simplified, “back to the roots” approach or the game turned even more complex and creators simply failed to find a better word for “even more advanced”? Why there there is a 3.0 and 3.5 version form it? How Pathfinder comes into the picture (and what it is?)

We shall discover the answer to all those questions (and many more) with the leading of @Thopthes on the evening of 27th in the Spielbar.

(As usually, no previous experience/knowledge required )

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Pregens will be provided.
I’ll just need to know (roughly) how many people to expect. Printing out a new character only takes a few minutes, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

IN! :grinning:

Ill try to come.

If you play one game besides OD&D in this retrospective series, play this one.

This is the big sea change, the line separating old and new. The design parameters were completely different relative to everything that had gone before. Third is the game that set the stage for everything that came after.

It’s also a game whose design goals I really don’t understand …

In any case, this is the important one if you’re trying to figure out how D&D got to where it is today. Besides, you know Thopthes will make it fun. After being unable to make the last one, I’ll certainly try to be there this time.

A general info for Thursday: to avoid a legion of Adventurers (>7 players) for this game, @Thopthes was kind to offer run this game once again on the 4th of October, if there is an overwhelming interest about it.

Therefore, as soon as we reach the limit (7 players), I kindly have to ask the remaining players to join to the next session (I will create a new topic about it).

Current status: 4 players, so up to 3 slots are still open for this Thursday.

Count me in!

I’ll be there too.

Me too!

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Do we play with level 1 characters? Which books are allowed? If I could find some time in the evening, I would quickly make a character for myself.

It’ll be 3rd level and we’ll stick to the PHB for the sake of simplicity.
If you want to you could also text me what kind of character you’d like to have and I’ll create it for you, doesn’t take more than 5-10 minutes

I’ll provide (non basic) pregens though

PHB is OK and Level 3 is great - you don’t pass out that easily! Thanks for your nice offer, but since I’m familiar with D&D 3.5 anyway, I didn’t want to put the extra work on you.

But curious which (non basic) pregens you have I am now already a little bit…

Will sadly be not able to come tomorrow. Have fun guys)

So if I counted correctly there should be one free spot now?
In case that there is, I’d gladly join.

Sure, you can still fit in.
See you tonight!

I know I’m late with this, but would it be possible to get a Gnome Bard pregen or something similar?

A Gnome Barde would be directly contained in PHB as an example character.

I know I am late, but I will come as well :slight_smile:
Edit: i can’t count, have a fun evening
I’ll join next Time:)

Will be there!

The flu season is in town it seems, I’m feeling progressively worse by the minute now. Sorry for the last minute note but I’ll have to skip the event.