DM volunteer for the big event thread! One or two more needed!

Hi all! As many of you have seen, we are planning a big event! The general gist is that we are going to have many tables at sagewerk restaurant on May 20th or 27th (27th more preferable). I need 9 volunteers to run games, mostly t1, a few t2 and maybe one or two t3. More info will come once I have the volunteers. I would prefer to have volunteers and date preferences THIS WEEK. Post below if you’re interested!

Poll for dm meeting below!


@Arthilas @Barbara @SilentButDeadly @xaosseed @Unsniped @Rayce_Kaiser @alli.b

Please each make a post if you’re still willing to DM and which date (May the 20th, or May the 27th)(Both Saturdays) you would prefer.

Any more volunteers are, of course, always appreciated

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I’m still good to run a game, but I could only guarantee the 27th. On the 20th I probably won’t have time.

I am willing to DM, could do T4. Both days work.

I will run a t1 for clarification.

I can run t1/2/3, both dates.

It depends on the time for the 27th. are we talking evening or afternoon?

We are considering starting our games at 18 o’clock, with the time before that being used to prepare the venue, to meet up with others and chat, to build characters with new players…

Available for both 20 and 27th. Can DM Tier1-2 or work as a staff during the event.

Ironically I have d&d that evening. But I’ll definitely move it to be a part of this big event. Just let me know soon-ish :slight_smile:

Although the games will kick-off at 18:00 we would expect DMs to show up at least by 17:00 to make sure everythinig is ready by 18:00

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I could dm on the 27th. 20th isn’t an option for me.

Recently i realized that one can just take a reason quest from any computer game and make it into a DnD campaign, so i have options for T1-t3 (i don’t know DnD beyond that)

20th I’m at a wedding, so 27th is the only day that would work for me

No one truly knows T4 xD I’ve been playing for 20 years and aside from when I just ran a 18th level Tomb of Horrors for friends, never had a chance to do T4 properly xD

As of this morning i believe we have seven volunteers, so need three or four more, so we have a back up if necessary. Could take more for redundancy in the event someone gets sick or something.

Could we change the title so people on forum can see that just 3 more needed?

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If you’re having trouble filling the tables, I could take one on and swell the ranks, schedule permitting. Might be a fun atmosphere in which to play.

(None of this tier business, though. :wink: )

Always welcome

We would have to discuss this one during our meeting with DMs but I’m sure we can figure something out :slight_smile:

I can DM for any tier if needed. Currently also at the tail end of a 4 year campaign, so indeed playing T4 and getting used to that as well :slight_smile:

I could also run something if needed. Any Tier, as long as I know about it soon enough. 20th or 27th are both fine.