DM (or player) looking for RPG group


Ich bin Geo. I just moved to Vienna for university (BOKU) and I hope to find a TTRPG to play. I am an experienced player with knowledge of a variety of systems (pathfinder, D&D editions 3+, HERO, Fate, Blades in the dark, L5R, Eclipse Phase, and more (and always happy to learn a new one)).

I am free most nights and weekend and am extremely reliable.
I can DM, but it would be nice to play, for a change.

If there’s room in your group, or you want to start one, please comment and/or message me.



welcome again :slight_smile:

we also run open weekly D&D games called V.A.L.U.E. (that’s our version of Adventurer’s League)
(just right now there is a bit of a break)

those have proven to be a great recruiting ground

happy gaming :game_die:

I am also looking for a group :upside_down_face:

Together with the other current post it looks like we’re enough to start a new playgroup.

Let’s find a date to have a session 0.

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That would be great!

If you want to play I could run either the “Airships of Sordane”, think Age of Sails in a magic heavy setting; or one of the usual adventure paths. 5e or PF2 rules.
We’d just need an organizer…

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I would really love to play! But I have no experience with DnD, hope that wouldnt be a problem…

No, those adventures start at low levels, allowing you to get used to basic rules and what your character can do. Then you learn more with each level gained, step by step.

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Lux, if you’re willing to run, I would love to play whatever in PF2 you want.

I have experience with PF2, so I can help teach the others. and I can buy you any adventure from any system you want to run. Also, I’m happy to organize it.

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No need to buy anything - my library(books as well as stl) is quite extensive. :slight_smile:
But organization would be a keystone!

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Uhh, i have always wanted to try pathfinder. I only know 5e.

hi! i’d also be interested in participating ! also as a newbie : ) I would also know someone else who isnt very expierenced who wants to play in case you need more people : ))

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