Daggerheart Open-Beta Playtest

Hello All!

As you might’ve heard, Darrington Press/Critical Role have just released their first OpenBeta for Daggerheart, their new TTRPG.

After having watched the videos and read through most of the playtest material, I think that it could be quite the fun game, so I’d like to try it our with some interested people! :fire:

I am thinking of scheduling those games for either Friday or Sunday, depending on the schedules. Due to scheduling it will probably be a mix of both, and currently I am planing a run of 3 to 5 sessions total, either weekly or bi-weekly, just to test the waters. If it suits us and we enjoy ourselves we might continue, but for the first try I think 3 to 5 sessions could be awesome and give us a good taste of Daggerheart!

Thinking of starting on the 5th or the 7th of April.

Currently it’s me as a GM and 1 player, I am aiming for 4-5players total.

Hit me up if you’re interested! :smiley:

Edit: I’d also love to join anyone else as a player if you are already planning on running a playtest! Or maybe we can change DMs during our playtest or sth like that. Would definetely also be interested in the player-side of things! :slight_smile:


Definitely interested trying out daggerheart! Both dates are also perfect for me! I still have to go through the material. Also good with switching DM when I feel ready for the material!

Would you do a Charakter creation and session zero also?

Hi, @Taneli_Sol

I already send you a message, but wanted to add that the 7th of April unfortunately will not work for me as I participating in the mothership one shot. But generally fridays or sundays would work for me.

I’m very interested getting into different and new ttrpg systems, so I would be very happy to join.

Hello hello @Taneli_Sol,

I would also be interested in joining the daggerheart adventure, both dates work for me but i would definitly prefer Sunday bc on Fridays i have to work until 5ish. Either way i would be very exited to play :slight_smile:

@JuMiSu @Grimm @helenemenemu

So the way it looks all 3 of you could join the fun, so we would only be doing the 5th of April, since that’s the day all of us have time, and we would do it in the evening to accomodate work schedules.

1-2 people may still join, either through the forum or from other places, I’d let you know in time.

I would propose doing a Session 0, Character Creation thing on that day, and see if we can also get to playing, and then maybe we can try to set 3, 4 more dates in the future for some playing :slight_smile:

I would propose doing it a Paradice, or maybe another boardgame bar/cafe, do y’all have any suggestions?

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Can ask a friend of mine too, cause hes really into it. ill let you know in the next few days.

regarding location: paradice is nice and quiet. i also like cafe benno, but can be crowded and a bit loud if you dont have a proper place (but you dont pay for being there, like paradice). Would also be interesting if siren games uses their room too. never see ppl sitting there and theres many space and materials (maps, figures ect.). Im also open for new places.

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Sounds great, Paradice seems like a nice place :)), do we maybe want to start a discord/whatsapp group to make communication easier? or would u prefer to leave it this way ?

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@JuMiSu @helenemenemu @Grimm

Discord isn’t a bad Idea, if yall send mea DM with your discord names I can add you to my server; I made a Subgroup for Daggerheart in there :slight_smile: