Mothership RPG One-Shot (April 7th)


Hi everyone! Let’s try this again, shall we?

I will be running a one-shot of Mothership, a science fiction / horror RPG (think something in the mood of the Alien movies). The game will be based on the Gradient descent module: You will play as a crew of freelancers, investigating an abandoned android factory in search of an artifact your client desperately desires.

The game is easy enough to learn while playing, so no need for reading the rules beforehand - I have included the the character creation rules and the character sheet in this post, but we will have time to create characters before the session.

If you are interested in the system but cannot come to this session, don’t worry! The date is not completely set in stone. Let me know which days/hours would work best for you and I will try to find something that works for everybody.

mothership_character_creation_rules.pdf (1.3 MB) mothership_character_sheet.pdf (122.1 KB)


I should have time, and I’ve been meaning to try out some more horror themed scenarios.

As long as nothing comes up in the meantime → I’m in :+1:

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Same here, love to play some space horror and should be free on April 7th.

I am interested in trying Mothership and would have time on April 7th.

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