D&D Evolution: Pathfinder - We are goblins game!

Last year we had a great time by playing old D&D editions in a retrospecitve series, but we just mentioned Pathfinder there without playing it (as Tom’s game covered D&D 3.5 and with that Pathfinder’s mechanics very well there).

However, as @Discarvio just mentioned in a separate post,Pathfinder books are on sale on humblebundle, as the first edition of Pathfinder (the fantasy game based on D&D, which was more popular for a time, than the then-actual edition of D&D!) celebrates its 10th annyversiary. I say, we should also celebrate by running a Pathfinder one-shot game! Even better, by running one of the adventures in the bundle - “We are goblins” -, we can play something exotic: instead of an epic AL game and good-humanoid party, we can play as menacing little green monsters terrorizing the marshes (or themselves be terrorized by adventurers, monsters or everything else!)

I’m looking for players to give it a try with this one-shot game and possibly a DM, who would be willing to run this game (as a plan B, I can be that person, but I would appreciate someone, who might be more familiar with this specific quest). Players without any Pathfinder knowledge can join (we will clear all the necessary rules on the spot), we shall use the provided pre-generated goblin charaters.

“We be goblins!!!”

I’ve run the 2nd part of those Goblin adventures for a Thursday game in 2013. Pretty sure back then they were the ‘Monday-Games’. Maybe you can find it in a thread from the past.

As for how it went - you should ask H :smiley:

They are fun adventures but I am not sure if they serve as a good introduction to Pathfinder if you’ve never played it before.

I can’t DM, but I’ll probably be there as a player.

Thanks @Thopthes for your hint, I’ll modify the game a bit to fit even for everyone

Also, I found your post from back 2013 - it is also fun to read the comments from back then:


Not taking that bait. The only thing I have to say is that if you’re going to play Pathfinder, get Thopthes to DM it for you.

I don’t know. One of the best things about Pathfinder, in my opinion, is the game’s dedication to modules, and the Goblins series is probably the best example of that.

Chorus: “Spaaaace Station!”

I agree, maybe we will organize this game some other time and invite a pro-DM like @Thopthes
(In other words, tonight’s gane will be postponed)

I hear he actually kills his players on a TPK :fearful:

Seriously though, I’ll gladly run a game but nowadays my schedule is a bit tight. Maybe a doodle could help

I heard he makes dice out of their bones.

And people call me the deadly DM …

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