D&D 5E online Game on Friday 20.03

I think VALUE system is kinda same, uses point buy for balance.I used DnD beyond for creating my character and I think that’s a simple way for easy creation as it offers most of what we need (if we’re playing by 5e rules, even if tweaked a bit)

I would probably go with Zephyros, my aasimar Tempest Cleric/Storm Sorcerer gish. He is one of my VALUE character (but due to being so MAD, he really needs his Gauntlets of Ogre Strength starting item I got for 12 TCP when creating him at level 4 xD), we use Point Buy with 27 points and an extended point range in VALUE, meaning you can buy 6, 7, 16 and 17 as well - normal point buy is only from 8 to 15.

The only problem is that I am unsure wether I can continue once Corona is defeated and VALUE comes back, since I already have a kinda tight schedule with various DnD groups… :wink:

wait, so we’re bringing pre-existing characters from AL? Not creating new ones from scratch?

Of course you can create one from scratch if you want. But if you have a character created for VALUE which you really like, why shouldn’T you use him in an actual campaign?

I don’t know, probably for balancing reasons but then again GM didn’t specify any restrictions, so I guess everything goes

Characters shjould of course be adapted to the DM’s ruleset, by changing their stats and equipment if necessary.

sry went off rail, I vote for the VALUE system

Id use Value rules, for clarity and more character diversity

Seems to me like there is a consent for VALUE. Please bring characters that match the character creation of these rules and without any extra items acquired on other adventures.

Concerning gaming schedule: I don’t plan to run a campaign. I hope we find the time for a few games and play for as long as it is fun for everybody. It is okay to miss a game or leave at any point. I want this to be convenient and entertaining.

I don’t like the idea of having the possibilities of combining a low starting stat and an item that sets the score to a set value. If you start with 6 STR and you set it to 19 with the Gauntlets of Ogre Power, you gain 13 stat points or 6,5 APIs worth of stats, which is about as much as a level 19 fighter gets over his whole career. Sounds game-breaking to me. I am okay with VALUE, but if I have the feeling that the balance between the characters becomes wacky or there is a level 6 character that rivals level 10s, or if a character starts breaking the world, then I’ll ask these players to revert/switch back to normal, AL conform chars.

Please try not to min-max too hard. My goal is to make a story-wise interesting game in which every character has the chance to shine. I won’t build something that mechanically counters or challenges whatever creative, but broken concepts you manage to come up with and I am also concerned about innocent by-stands who might get hurt in the process. :slight_smile:


I am by the way looking very much forward to receiving character backgrounds if you have any. You might receive additional information about Bastion in exchange :slight_smile:

Here are some of my ideas for why you could be there:
By the government to help ease the tension
As a scholar, quartermaster, apprentice
As a guard, mercenary, captain
As a mediator, expert on mining/agriculture/water
To deliver food, or other goods
By the thieves guild to ensure that drug sale and gambling keep working
As a spy, thief, distraction
Or you are working there already.

Here is the background to Bastion, a mining town belonging to the faction of Atlas. Not mandatory to read, but in case you are interested. I’ll also go over it as part of the introduction.

Atlas had a dispute with Tethys, but they agreed on a non-aggression pact as the dispute turned into a war of attrition and none of them seemed to be able to get an upper hand. In mistrust they have been living a fragile peace, reinforcing their borders and building their arsenals for an impending rekindling of the conflict. You happen to be at Bastion, a fort close to the border.

Bastion was originally founded as a mining town. The minerals in the mountain are plentiful and high in purity. A valuable resource not just for tools of war but also searched for research and commodity. The town is named after the walls that surround it. They were originally built, because rocks and stones were available in abundance, leftovers of the desired minerals. The first citizens used them to build their houses which were later changed to the three-layered-wall that surrounds Bastion today.

The town mostly consists of humans(40%), dwarfs(30%) and gnomes(10%), the rest is split among other races. These people mostly work in the metal industry as miners, smelters and smiths, but also related industries like logistics, construction, trade, grocery and so forth. And security, a lot of security.

Bastion is under a strict military leadership, which is probably the reason why the town manages to stay civilized even thou the people are under high tension. Hard labor and the ongoing unease of a pending military conflict paired with restrictions dictated by their government has turned the Bastion into a powder keg waiting to explode.

There is a lot of money to be made in and with Bastion. Traders and mercenaries can earn good money by bringing in food and other agricultural resources to bastion and delivering metals from there. The catch is that doing so is dangerous as Bastion is not just close to the border, it is also surrounded by the wild lands. Also bandits are roaming the surround area hopping to fetch one of the wagons going in and out for trade.

Shortly after your arrival, people have started going missing. Rumors range from murderers, spies and people running away and searching their fortune somewhere else. A regular announcement of the military turned into the public openly revolting. The situation escalated and Tethys was blamed for the missing people. After the revolt was suppressed, people started giving foreigners suspicious looks and you are among them. You feel the tension rising. In an act of devastation the military leadership is locking up foreigners and putting their own citizens under a lock-down in an attempt to bring the situation back under their control.


So you’re basically saying I should play a dwarf. Also we have some healers already, so I think I’d either go dwarf barbarian or I could do rogue if we need one…

Play the character that you are the most excited about trying :slight_smile:


Start at 19 o’clock, 7pm.


I am already on the server in case you have any questions and so we can discuss details concerning how we play

Have to out me as a discord newbee… How do I find everybody?

So, I since I mentioned that I can run something two days ago, I’m looking how many would be interested to play. This is kind of fast and hmmmmm, oh well. If you are interested you just put comment down. We can do the group division stuff later. I’d like about 4-5 people, but we’ll see.

Background: You are starting on the trade ship Estar’s Star going through the straight of Ahgin an important trading region. The surrounding land is wealthy, fertile and old. Civilizations built on the ruins of the predecessors, only to fall and be built upon in turn.
The region is relatively peaceful when one discounts, fighting over trading routes and natural resources, pirate fleets and personal vendettas. After all too much war would reduce trading profits and the different trade leagues, kings and other rulers can’t have that. At least if they want to keep their head.

However, currently political upheaval shakes the region. Indreswa, a local power on the southern coast has been expanding rapidly and begins exerting power over the straight and it’s eastern neighbors. Meanwhile, in the north the Marzarian League, defensive pact/coalition just got their leader assassinated and now several parties are jockeying for the position.

The insecure situation as lead many different parties to pursue different avenues of gaining power. Some seek it in innovation, some seek to ally with other powers, and some seek it in the ruins of the civilizations which were destroyed around 1400 years ago by the eruption of the local supervolcano.

You might come here as a trader, someone who searches for a job, a traveller, archaeologist, mercenary, diplomat, someone on his way through, a spy or assassin. In the end you are all sitting in the same boat.


I see what you did there. :wink:

I’m definitely interested in joining up.

Potentially intereested depending on the day/time


Sounds Fun! I am intrigued :smiley:

Im also very much in^_^