D&D 5E online Game on Friday 20.03

Hello adventurer,

I am interested in DMing and playing online over the next few weeks. I’ve DMed before and I always wanted to try playing online. If you are like-minded then lets use the current situation as a blessing in disguise. I can DM, or join as a player, also interested in existing groups in case you are looking for one more.

The sooner we play, the better. In case I DM, I’d treat it as a hop on/hop off thing and people could join or leave whenever they want to (similar to the way we played Adventure League on Fridays).

For those of you who have played with me before, we could continue Hoard of the Dragon Queen at any point of the story, play a homebrew with level 6 characters and I am also open to your proposals in case you are looking for something else.

I’d suggest using Discord, but am open to alternatives.

Hope for many interested people.

Best regards,

Im up for playing Tony^_^

I also would be up for playing for these weeks of course. Preferably friday afternoon/evening, the same time the VALUE games used to be :slight_smile:

Sounds great :+1: would love to join

I also need to scratch the dnd itch so bad. I don’t like online session exactly, but it’s better than nothing

If you still have a spot free, I’d love to join :slight_smile:

Would also love to join Toni if I’m not to late.

I’m interested, too.

Kudos to you people being so spontaneous.

As we have 7 players right now, I’d say we make a cutoff for my table. In case more people are interested either in DMing or playing, please feel free to use this thread too. Maybe we can get an AL like experience going with several games over the course of a week.

Let’s try to meet at 7PM on Discord. In case it is to early/late let me know, or just join later.

My Discord name: Devilinside#7221
Server: https://discord.gg/dndbeyond

We will claim one of rooms there for our game. Looking forward to playing with you.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Sorry, I guess it was a little to spontaneous.

We will try to run the game on Friday 7pm.


Should we prepare something? Like, T1 or T2 characters?

I’d say it depends on what you as a group want to play.

We got at least 3 options:
a) hoard of the dragon queen as I’ve almost finished the book and wouldn’t require a lot of prep to run it (starting level 1, or we jump in at a later point if you want)
b) homebrew (starting level 5-6, because at that level most classes have a nice set of options). HotDQ probably takes about 50hs for finishing, my homebrew is something that I’d adapt as we go.
c) we mix as we go as BufoBufo was also open to DM

Background for HotDQ:
The Cult of the Dragon has been active in Faerûn for centuries. It has focused on making undead dragons to fulfill a prophecy most of that time, but that’s changing. The party will investigate the cult, pursue them and ultimately try to stop their plans.

Background for my homebrew:
The story begins in Bastion, a mining town of one of the major factions in the world. It is very close to a rivaling faction and of high strategic value, so the atmosphere is usually loaded. As of late people have gone missing. As Bastion is basically impossible to be evaded from the outside due to its defenses, its being surrounded by high mountains on most sides and two giant walls on the opening, it is sounds impossible that there is an attack from the outside. But rumors are spreading, people are getting nervous and in an act of devastation the military leadership is locking up foreigners and putting their own citizens under a lock-down in an attempt to bring the situation back under their control. Bad luck strikes as you were among some of the last people to arrive, before they closed down the gates. You ended up with the other “strangers” they locked up in what under normal circumstances is considered their market hall.

I’m fairly new to the DnD scene and would defer to the group to pick what they want and I can roll with it.
(homebrew sounds amazing btw)

Id go for your homebrew Toni, since usually the dms shine the most with their own stories^_^

I agree with the others :sweat_smile:

Homebrew sounds interesting but as I played also one chapter of HotDQ with Toni I would love that even more. Still I’m in whatever the final decision is.

I’m also open to both. My preference would be the homebrew, because of flexibility with duration of the campaign and I agree with Resil’s sentiment about the opportunity to shine :wink:

Edit: what roles do you guys and gals want to play? I prefer to stay away from too much magic, so would gladly do support as a healer, or tank, rogue, something like that.

I haven’t had the chance to evolve my wizard in AL, considering I jumped straight after first session into EVIL as a rogue and stuck to that, I’d love to give the wizard a fair try. So leave the magic to me :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to try a clericbard combo for some supportpower

Ok, we go for homebrew.

Please make the characters lvl 6.

Please vote on which point system you want to use, I don’t know VALUE and prefer point buy for balance, but if you prefer rolling for stats I’m okay with that too.