Curse of Strahd Adventurer League info thread

As AL basically assumes the people know what has been going on i’ll do a short summary of what happened so far in our CoS run and add some important information whenever i think of it :stuck_out_tongue:

Session 1:

The group found itself in Barovia, the fog led you to a house, with 2 children standing in front of it asking for help getting rid of the monster in the cellar.
You did a thorough investigation of the houses interior, found a couple of interesting things (deed to a windmill, letter from strahd to the owner of the house), then encountered the ghosts of the children you met outside, they’ve been dead for rather long and showed you (in their dollhouse) where the stairway to the cellar is situated.
After exploring the cellar for a bit (finding another stairway up to the groundfloor) you found a ritual chamber, where you defeated a shambling mound, but not before losing one of your companions to a devil that showed up after your wizard tried to summon a demon.
With the shambling mound dead it looked like the house calmed down for a minute, but then the shit started hitting the fan and rooms were filling with some poisonous gas, while the doorways where blocked by spinning blades.
You decided to break down walls and made your way to the exit and finally escaped this death trap.

Session 2:

After exiting the Death House you found yourself in the streets of the Village of Barovia. You saw a couple of people watching you from the windows of their home, while making your way towards the tavern - during that march you heard wailing coming from somewhere in the town.
In the tavern you met a young man asking you for help escorting his sister to a nearby town to protect her from the advances of Count Strahd. He asks you to come to the burgomasters mansion once you’re ready to help.
Before going there you decided to figure out what this wailing was all about, you entered the house the noise was coming from and encountered a woman mourning her child. She told you that her daughter has left the house for the first time ever and hasn’t come back.
Outside you saw an old woman selling meat pies, exchanging a young boy against a couple of her merchandise. Your parties wizard decided to buy all the pies and confront her about the kid. She wasn’t too amused, did something strange and you lost sight of her.
You went to the church next where you heard some loud noises from the cellar. The local priest told you that his son was hungry and that he could use your help feeding him.
It turned out that son was a vampire spawn who started to drain your wizard, but left you alone after a couple of sips at the priests command. After this disturbing enocunter you decided to go to the burgomaster’s mansion.

Session 3:

Taking a look around you noticed tracks of barefooted humanoids and wolfs all around the house, you also noticed a strange herb spread all around the house to.
You knocked on the door and were greeted by Ismark - the young man that asked you for help in the tavern - and his sister Ireena. After a short discussion and being told a bit about what was happening to them, you went to sleep so you could make the journey to Valaki at the morrow.
During the night some unseen horrors attacked the mansions perimeter and kept some of you awake.
In the morning you left Barovia heading towards Vallaki. On the way you found a camp of Vistani. They greeted you very friendly and told you that Madam Eva has been expecting you. The old woman knew each and every one of you by name and read you your fortune.

Flipping over the 1st card:
This card tells of history. Knowledge of the ancient will help you better understand your enemy. Seek a cask that once contained the finest wine, of which not a drop remains.

Flipping over the 2nd card:
This card tells of a powerful force for good and protection, a holy symbol of great hope. I see the skeleton of a deadly warrior, lying on a bed of stone flanked by gargoyles.

Flipping over the 3rd card:
This is a card of power and strength. It tells of a weapon of vengeance: a sword of sunlight. I see a nest of ravens. There you will find the prize.

Flipping over the 4th card:
This card sheds light on one who will help you greatly in the battle against darkness. What horror is this? I see a man made by a man. Ageless and alone, it haunts the towers of the castle.

Flipping over the last card:
Your enemy is a creature of darkness, whose powers are beyond mortality. This card will lead you to him. He dwells with the one whose blood sealed his doom, a brother of light snuffed out too soon.

After reading the cards for you she also told you that her brethren near Vallaki don’t like her too much.
After a short discussion wether you wanted to stay with the Vistani until tomorrow or try to reach Vallaki today you continued your journey.
You had some fun crossing a rather huge stone bridge flanked by tons of gargoyles (none of which were anything but statues).
Then you finally reached a Gate of Barovia, which closed behind you after passing through.
Getting further down the road to Vallaki you saw a Windmill atop a hill and decided to check it out, because you remembered the old woman taking the kid in Barovia supposedely lives in a windmill.

First you realized a raven was trying to warn you away from the Windmill after which you decided to take a look around. You found 4 stone monoliths, that where circled by more ravens. On top of one of the monoliths you found a meat pie, whlie between them you found a huge pile of children’s teeth.

Deciding to confront the woman in the windmill you entered. Rummaging through the ground floor you found a couple of strange potions. A golden syrupy emitting a sweet smell labeled “Youth”, a redish liquid without any smell to it labeled “Laughter” and a greenish milky liquid with a rancid smell labeled “Mother’s Milk”.

Shouting for the woman you talked to her for a bit when one of you decided to attack her. Turns out she was a Nighthag and she kicked your butts, but only decided to scare you of instead of killing any of you.

You did manage to reach Vallaki afterwards at least. You brought Ireena to the local church, which upon entering made all of you feel way better. Afterwards you split for a bit, most of you went to the Vistani camp right outside of Vallaki, where you got told a bit about the 3 potions you found in the hag’s windmill. You also where told that the Vistani leader’s daughter was abducted - for which he punished a young man who supposedly slept off his intoxication instead of fulfilling his guard duty.
The other member of your party went in search of the guard’s captain to tell them about the hag and her windmill. He found him ordering around his guards to switch out some proclamations about an upcoming festival.
Afterwards all of you went to the local inn.


if any of the players that were there during one of these sessions believes i’ve left out an important detail feel free to point it out, after all this is just a quick summary i cooked up while falling asleep in the middle of the night

We should definitely have a SPOILER tag :joy:

ok added spoiler tags to the sessions … :stuck_out_tongue: but to be fair the first short paragraph does mention that this is a short summary of the stuff that happened in our AL CoS run :smiley:

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Session 4:

The group went to sleep in the Blue Water Inn, too tired after a long days work to even think of talking to anybody. In the morning they got breakfast in the tap room, where the barkeep (and owner of the inn) asked them if they could check with the Wizards of Wine what’s keeping the wine shipments away as he is running low. He also pretty much outright told you that he knows about Madam Evas prophecy and that he would give you the thing she told you about if you do this for him. He hinted that whatever he is refering to has something to do with the ravens.
Afterwards the party went back to the Vistani, asking the young boy - now standing guard - and the oldish leader about the missing girl. Turns out that nobody saw anything, the girl is gone without any tracks and pretty much all the other Vistani have been sent out in search parties.
The dusk elves living in the hovels around the Vistani camp also were questioned, but didn’t have much to add, besides that there are werewolves around - they even showed a fresh werewolf pelt to the group.
A raven watched the party, cawed at them, ate some bread from the druid, blessing him with a little shit and then flew off towards the WNW.
You guys decided to roughly follow the raven. When turning onto a dirt road the fog became thicker and thicker, some of you heard a voice speaking into their mind about betrayal and trustworthiness, some where touched by what felt like a cold hand and you noticed a shadow moving in the fog, but never be there when you tried to reach or touch it. The forest itself turned out to be unnaturally quiet, while your ranger had the feeling that it was full of unmoving undead.
A couple of minutes later the fog began to clear again and you managed to reach the next crossroads out of the forest.
Discussing your next steps - wether you’d go towards Krezt or move on to the Wizards of Wine Winery - you got rudely interrupted by a swarm of bats transforming into a man and rudely attacking you. He managed to knock out a couple of you and seemed unfaced by your attacks, but he - you assumed it might be Count Strahd - looked impressed by the hardiness of a couple of you, and it felt like he rewarded those hardy people.
Recovering from the shock of this monsters appearance you moved on to the Winery after all. On the way there you encountered an old man together with 6 bowman, who warned you away as the Winery had been overrun by evil, corrupted druids. When you offered to help he did something strange that actually made you feel a bit refreshed.
You decided to observe the Winery for a bit and noticed 2 people that looked like druids - one of them holding a strange gnarled staff - starting to load a couple of kegs onto a wagon.
Your rogue decided to take a closer look and suddenly was ambushed by a huge swarm of blights - vine, needle and twig blights in what looked like the whole wineyard started moving.
You managed to overcome these creatures without the druids taking notice. In an act of inspiration your Ranger made a shot at the strange staff and managed to break it, which resulted in an explosion of lght and a loud wailing sound from all around the wineyard, shortly after all the plants started to rot and wither away.
A couple more druids came out of the winery, but where quickly dispatched.
You took some time to search through the winery, but didn’t find too much of interest. The old man offered you free lodging in the winery, while one of the ravens that was fyling overhead landed and transformed into a young man, telling everyone around that the other druids returned to Yester Hill.
The Wizards of the Wine offered to bring the wine to Vallaki for you, so you could maybe help them further with their trouble.

OK, so I’m an idiot. I thought this was an original scenario set in Ravenloft rather than a remake. Light dawns ovah Mahblehead, as Sully would say.

Since I’m familiar with the original, I’m afraid I’ll have to bow out. No harm intended, apologies, and thanks for running this. Catch you in the Hub!

Session 5:

The party had a nice, calm and restorative sleep at the winery. In the morning the young looking wife of Davian Martikov - owner of the winery - prepared a hearty breakfast for the group. After some discussion the group decided to help end the druid problem for good and made of towards Yester Hill.
There they met a young wereraven girl that informed them about as much of the opposition as she could. Our heroes made a daring plan to deceive the druids and interrupt whatever foul ritual they were performing on top of the hill.
The plan failed, even though part of the group did not want to accept that and tried to sow confusion within the enemy ranks. It was a long and hard fight, but in the end the party emerged victorious over this band of druids and berserkers. They retrieved a magical gem from the effigy of strahd the druids had erected - the wereravens asked the partie’s bard to retrieve these gems for them.
Last but not least they managed to destroy the Gulthias tree they spotted on the backside of Yester Hill with the help of the young wereraven girl and a powerful ritualistic magic spell she performed.

“even though part of the group did not want to accept that” omg the shade :sweat_smile:

Session 6:

A quick checkup on the young wereraven is all that happened on Yester Hill before our brave heroes decided to go and try to find the young Vistani girl that went missing. On their way back towards Lake Zarovich they did check in with the Wizards of Wine too. The young barbarian girl grabbed a couple of “baked rats” - a sweet pastry - while the others talked to Davian Makitov and were told about a couple of interesting things happening in Barovia, and locations they might want to visit. Mainly the sighting of a Mage near the foot of Mount Baratok who is rumored to have challenged Strahd a year ago and an old Outpost of a Palading Order -. the Order of the Silver Dragon - called Argynvostholt.
The group quickly took their leave along the road back to Valaki. After a short encounter with a couple of hunters searching for a missing companion Dusk encroached. A lot of undead crawled out of the ground in the forest surrounding the road and our courageous hero took shelter in a magical construct conjured by the bard. They even saw a pack of Wolfs - led by the biggest beast they ever laid their eyes on - run by. One of the smaller ones stopped and after being thrown food at by the young barbarian girl decided to sleep near them. It’s growls sounded like it was talking though.
After an exciting night our brave adventurers approached Lake Zarovich, where they happened upon a lone fisherman out on the lake. They borrowed one of the nearby rowboats and approached the man. At which point he threw a heavy looking burlapsack into the lake and then looked like he was waiting on something. Nothing they did caused a reaction from the man, so the druid transformed into a freshwater shark and jumped into the water, heaving the heavy sack out of the water revealed the missing girl inside. The rogue decided it was best to knock the fisherman out, but underestimated his own power and killed the guy.
Healing the girl and therefore saving her life the group decided to bring her back to her father right away. On the way they met one of the Vistani search parties. Once back in the camp they got a couple of healing potions and the offer of future assistance if the need should arise.
Being close to the city of Valaki meant the party could finally get back to the Blue Water Inn and report the success on making sure the wine shipments would get back to normal, as well as getting a solid nights rest in a comfortable bed.
The Innkeeper presented the group with a Sun Sword, made from the hilt of Count Strahd’s Brother’s sword - which turned out to be of some sentience. (And I have to retcon something I told you, the Sun Blade gets not unlocked for you after all, it’s just a “Story Item”, so it’s only available during the hardcover adventure)
They also met a couple of interesting people: Blinsky the Toy Maker - selling mostly creepy toys at his toystore, also has a cute pet monkey. Two hunters who sold some dead Wolves to the innkeeper and bamboozled the rogue out of some money. And Rictavio a traveling storyteller who has been a guest in the inn for a couple of weeks now.
The next morning the group visited the church as the priest hinted at having need of their help. It turned out that a holy relict that was protecting the church and it’s grounds was stolen and the priest needed help getting it back.
After a short investigation the group followed the very short trail of information to Henrik van der Voort, the local coffin maker. It didn’t take long to figure out something wasn’t right at his shop and Henrik collapsed due to some unseen outside influence, bleeding from his ears. The group searched the house, finding a small horde (6) vampire spawn, it looked like this would be a really dangerous fight, which got even worse when the rogue suddenly was enveloped by mist and vanished.
It did end up being a really close call, but the heroes emerged victiorious and clinging to their lives.
So far they didn’t find the missing relic though.