Complete beginner | Looking forward to learn

Hello everyone!

My names Julian, I’m a student here in Vienna ( born and raised )
For years now I’ve been looking to getting into RPG’s ( D&D in particular ) but never quite had the time.
I’m a complete beginner and don’t want to hinder anyones experience but would love to learn.

I wanted to ask if there’s a specific starting point, like a particular rule-book one should read first or is it more learning by doing?

Either way I’m stoked on getting to know all of you guys.

Have a good one,

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Hello, and welcome.

Learning by doing is often a good idea. We usually meet Thursdays nights at the Spielbar (usually starting sometime between 7:30 and 8) for “one-shot” games (basically one off adventures). I think this is a good way to learn, and as we tend to play whatever system the person running the game feels like (which could be something no-one else knows anyway) not knowing the rules is often not a hinderance. Plus, we are quite tolerant (I think ;)) and enjoy meeting new people interested in RPGs.

If you are interested in joining on a Thursday there is usually a thread started sometime around the start of the week (tonight’s thread for example: Thursday, August 24 @ Spielbar). It is useful if you a drop a message in those threads if you are likely to join as it gives a chance for people running the game to plan.

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Exactly what Scott said.
Apparently, there is another D&D group that might be gearing up to start. This might be a good opportunity to get in from the ground up…

That’s awesome.
I already looked into joining next Thursday .

And do you know which one ?
A link or something’d be really awesome.
Thanks in advance and also for the fast and kind replies.

yeah there currently is a D&D group in the making, but i think it’s full (5 players, brand new DM), but so far it’s only planned as a oneshot as 2 players are not sure yet wether they will be staying on for a longer campaign

right now my plate is getting a bit full or i would just start up the next group