Thursday, August 24 @ Spielbar

Anybody not on vacation and planning to show up?

I’ll be there.

I have something I can run if necessary (the game I was going to run last week).

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And I will likely be there too!

I am planning on being there this time

I’ll come by too

I’ll be there, too. Whatcha got, grid?

I’ll (hopefully) be there!

I may have a vaguely Western themed adventure

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Vaguely Western meaning what … Midwest? The gunfighters and cowpokes of suburban Indianapolis?

Count me in!

We’re talking showdown at the Central Canal?

I will hopefully be able to make it.

Slightly more west than that.

Also, I think we are heading into two game territory again. Anyone else have anything?

Ok, I am going to have to pass this week

I’ll be there a little late. Sorry guys. 8 the latest

I’m running late as well, my apologies!

Me, too. Late, that is.

Thanks for the game last night!

Much fun. I especially liked how subtly the Cthulhu bits were integrated into the story. Quite unusual for a BRP game!

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