Carrion Hill ーof the horrors belowー

[i]Having just arrived in town, you find that contrary to what the well-maintained streets and dense building might imply, the streets seem practically deserted. Even the crows seem to be shunning the ground as they have taken wing and are circling in the air above, calling out in fear. The dark and gloomy skies seem all but welcoming and it seems that the deeper you step into the city, so does the rain seems to pour stronger, leaving you soaking wet. Seeking shelter in the form of an Inn or a Tavern, you hear the same call over and over from Town Criers and the City Watch:

“Carrion Hill needs heroes! Men and women of stout heart and bravery are asked to come
to crown manner with all haste, there to receive a task worthy of their skill and talents and
a reward of suitable magnificent! Make haste to Crown Manor! Make Haste!”[/i]

Welcome to the preparation topic for the Carrion Hill game I’ll be running next month.
I’ve made this topic with the intention of it serving as a gateway for all the players to communicate with each other and state questions, wishes, likes or dislikes. And to offer a small introduction to the game’s story. If anyone would like to introduce his character, that’s fine as well.
I believe it’ll take us around 3 sessions to go through the whole module, take or leave a session.
I’m very much looking forward to running this and I hope everyone will have a fun (and possibly deadly) time.

I’d personally like to see a bit of roleplaying, but not knowing how well I’ll pull it off myself; I can’t expect anything from the party now, can I?

-FloRad as “Mark Normington”, the human fighter
-Lord_Hugo as “Clement Euonymus”, our cleric
-Thopthes as, “Sir Dean Tristan”, the Righteous Paladin™
-VonDoom as “Roshan Sarini”, a summoner, bringing down even more wrath onto his foes
-Xargoth as “Dylan”, a spoony, yet intimidating bard

-GJsoft as a selfproclaimed GameMaster

(Party is full)

Go forth and discuss!!

Also, I wanted to mention, that if anyone would be interested into taking a flaw, here’s a list.
You can take only one flaw and get an extra feat for it. Of course, don’t pick a flaw that makes no sense like a rage-power hindering flaw without playing a character that even has rage-powers

Edit: For those who are unsure or didn’t finish their character yet:
Level 5
20 point buy
2 traits
12000 gold

Well hello then!

My name is FloRad, and I’m playing the Taldan fighter called Mark Normington who likes to swing his two Katanas.I can provide some backstory if needed. His sheet can be found HERE

I’m also really looking forward to playing with you guys.

Hi, VonDoom here. :mrgreen:

I’m still undecided. An Inquisitor might be interesting, but we seem to already be fairly well-stocked with fighting characters and we don’t seem to have a Wizard, if what GJsoft mentioned about the mysterious spellcaster is true. Alternatively, I’ve always been wanting to try the Summoner class, but since there seem to be a lot of strong opinions around on that one, I figured I’d throw it into the room first before actually making a decision.

I have also offered my apartment as a place to host the game. There are just a few things I want to mention in advance:

I have some rather grumpy neighbors directly under my place and the floors carry noise extraordinarily well. So no jumping around in excitement, alas. I’d rather avoid having to talk to those ornery folks.

We may need to get creative with sitting areas, but I don’t think it’ll be overly problematic.

Oh, and of course I expect that people at least try not to make too much of a mess and have a modicum of personal hygiene. :mrgreen: But that’s probably a given. :mrgreen:

Also, the Chivalrous Courtesy flaw looks interesting, though ‘creatures’ is hellishly broad. What if the Tarrasque happens to be a female one? Or that evil man-eating harpy still speckled with blood and pieces of human flesh all over her bare breasts? :mrgreen:

I guess the flaw only applies only to humanoid creatures or human, otherwise it’d be insanely unfair.

Glancing over the list, some of them are right out pretty insanely unfair. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s why I’m not taking one.

Another two things:
VonDoom, where do you live? (It’s ok if you don’t want to give us your adress just yet.)
Since I work in the Soldatenheim, I can get us beverages and sweets a bit cheaper than in a nornal supernarket. I’ll write a list of things that may be relevant.

16th district, close to Lugner City. The public transport line of choice would be U6, mostly, though you can also get there via bus or tram.

Ok here’s the list:
*)Lizzaran Energy (0.5l) 1€
*)Coke (1L) 1,3€
*) Ice Tea (neither Rauch nor Pfanner) Lemon or Peach (0.5l) 50c
*)Snickers,Twix, Bounty, Mars and Pick Up (Black&White or Choco&Milk) 40c per bar

All othe beverages are in glass bottles and I don’t want to transport that xD.

Looking forward to seeing some new faces!
The location seems perfect. :slight_smile:

On another note:
Just to clarify, my bard will probably be less of an aggressive spellcaster and more of a weird practical guy. Basically it’s a dude with 18 STR and 20 CHA using whips(trip, disarm, dazzling display), nets,(entangle) a sword and a crossbow.
[size=85]Looking at the stats, imagine Hulk Hogan whipping people, singing and laughing while they fall to their knees.[/size]

That sounds rather unconventionalfor a bard lol. What kind of instrument does he play or what does he perform?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say Mr. Corinthian here will be performing some sort of blade-dance and/or singing. (Incidentally, you’ll likely be pleased to find the complete run of Sandman and some of the side-issues right there next to the couch. :ugeek: )

Though how you get 18 STR and 20 CHA with 20 point-buy without being nigh-crippled in one or two statistics I’m not sure. I guess you’re counting a +2 item for each of those already?

Those prices really are cheap! … too bad I’m trying to get rid of the bit of extra weight that’s accumulated and get back to the ideal for my size, or I’d take you up on that generous offer. Maybe another time, if things work out well.

Also, any feedback on my character choice between Inquisitor/Wizard/Summoner? A Summoner is also a strong buffer, so there would be good synergy going with a Bard – the opening reads as if we might already be acquainted, so we may be fine accomodating each other’s spell selection a bit so there isn’t too much overlap.

That said, is my assumption that we’re already acquainted and familiar with each other correct?

I’d normally be talking concepts and personality and such, but since those will be drastically different depending on class choice, I’ll wait with that. Any information on your ends you want to share, since you’re already further along in the process?

I can’t really say anything about spellcasting classes. I’m new to the game xD

Also: Do we have a starting time yet? I can play untill Midnight because I have a Fallout Equestria group starting at around 1 AM.

While the introduction certainly implies that, it can still be taken as if it’s talking about different characters through sheer luck being in the same town and then meeting each other at the manor in question.
As of yet, things aren’t set in stone yet.

[size=85]The Bard Dylan will most likely be in Carrion Hill by chance, because he’s looking for a man who owes him money.[/size]

That sounds rather unconventionalfor a bard lol. What kind of instrument does he play or what does he perform? <- He sings. The usual roll-buffing-songs.

Incidentally, you’ll likely be pleased to find the complete run of Sandman and some of the side-issues right there next to the couch <- this pleases me very much indeed.

I guess you’re counting a +2 item for each of those already? <- exactly. wonderous items for the win! Still, wisdom has to suffer tho. If anyone has a spare 4000 gp I suggest to buy one of the Ability-buffers.

Also, any feedback on my character choice between Inquisitor/Wizard/Summoner? <- Each of them has its benefits. Just go for whatever you prefer, I’d say. I did hear that Summoners are insanely strong tho. And did you think about Druids? They can be pretty insane and fun too. As to my spells: Mostly Debuffing with some Buffing and of course the usual singing.

Now I’m tempted to buy an instrument for my Fighter and invest some SP into the skill. Maybe a flute or a banjo? Banjo should be fun.

I will be playing ‘Sir Dean Tristan’, paladin of the order of Irori.
His missions usually deal with protecting the innocent, healing the wounded but also wreaking havoc on those who threaten the realm and its people.
He knows how to handle a greatsword as well as healing wounds and casting spells.
As a beacon of courage he’ll also ensure that the people around him will withstand evil.
But his best weapon still is and will be his diplomatic prowess, because he does not seek battle but justice.
Hence he hesitates to attack unarmed opponents, which some might consider a flaw.

Take the class you want to play. At this point we could need a spellcaster as well as a melee/ranged combatant.

You guys are insanely helpful with my indecision trouble. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I suppose I’ll go with the Summoner, then. Casting and a combat-capable Eidolon should serve both needs nicely. Concept writeup will follow soon-ish.

Are we situated within Golarion? For example, is it cool to refer to, say, Cheliax in the background?

That’s right. Carrion Hill is located in the eastern regions of Ustalav.

Whereever that may be… Does anybody have a political map of Golarion?