Call of Cthulhu one-shot

So who here is genuinely interested in exploring the world of Lovecraft? Disclaimers about the proposal:

  1. This will be my first time ever GM’ing.

  2. I will have pre-made chars, including backups, because do not ever, in a Cthulu game, expect to finish anything with your first character (this is a lesson I learned in a difficult and painful way). It might happen, but probably not.

  3. Cthulhu tends to be more story than combat driven (although there is combat), so if you are someone who snoozes through the RPG part waiting for the exciting bits, you might not enjoy it as much.

When are you planning on running this? I’d probably be interested, but my schedule’s a bit tight.

Same here - interested, but on a slightly manic schedule^^

Sure, as I mentioned, it could be a lot of fun…

Did you decide which period Chtul’hu you are shooting for?

1920’s, and closer to the end of the month, I think.

Cool, that’s my favourite version of Chtulhu…

End of the month sounds good…

If you’re running a published adventure, please PM me with the title. I’d probably have to bow out if it’s something I’m familiar with so as not to spoil anyone’s fun.

I just sent you my first choice, but I do have a list, so if you know that one well, I can look for another one.

ok, it looks like we have 2 possible dates… my preferred is June 17, but we could also do June 3 if that works better for people.

Stop, wait! One of our interested parties starts a new job in June and will no longer be able to play Sundays. How are June 16 and June 3? I think those do NOT clash with Neil’s group, let me know if they do.

Both of those sound good to me, with a slight preference for the 16th.

ok, so we have Simon, -H-, Jkirsteen… any others in? Simon, are you willing to host again?

I suppose I might give it a shot…

We would love to have you!

Sure thing, if people are not loosing sanity points over the trip’s duration…

Isn’t the 16th “free RPG day”? If so, we could meet at PH and make the trip to the 22nd all together, like a bunch of school children on a field trip from Miskatonic U…

Otherwise, I will go on my own in the morning, when the pickings are the best…

Sounds good to me, since PH is right around the corner…

Ok, I am going to have to call this Saturday. I have been down with migraines all week, and not able to do the prep I need. I can offer again in 2 weeks (next week we have our regular gaming group on Saturday, I think). It’s this damned weather, I think… changing every 5 minutes. I’ll PM this, too, to the interested parties.

That sucks… sorry to hear that.

Well, get better.

Do you still want to meet up at PH for free RPG day?

Text me when you get there, if I am head-clear, then definitely.

Maybe we can find an alternative?