Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition - Short Scenarios

Hey there!

I’m a native English speaking Australian in the grand city of Wien looking to test out the games I’ve written for Chaosium on some unsuspecting victims… players… I mean players…

Anyone here interested in participating in a 1 hour or 2 plus hour Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Demonstration scenario at Spielbar? If published your names will be mentioned in the book (optional).

Minimum of 2 people to a Maximum of 6. I can only speak English. My Deutsch is poor. Apologies.

What times / dates work for you? I cannot do Tuesday or Thursday. Look forward to your response!

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Sure, we’d be up for that. We’ve done some playtesting for UO and the like in the past, and it’s always been fun. Color me interested!

Me, too. Sounds interesting!

I will be there this Thursday and would be happy to playtest. Or another Thursday as well.

I would be interested.

Thank you for the interest! Due to a prior commitment I won’t be there until much later.

Is 9pm too late for most? The scenario will go for approximately one hour or two hours if you’re game for a late one.

If not that’s cool! I should be able to arrive earlier on another week.

Apologies for my ignorance, but is there a date other than Thursday that works?

The best thing to do is to suggest a date, and then we can all argue about it. No one will take the plunge to pick a date first.

Most people coming on Thursday will start playing earlier than 9:00. Might be best to postpone until the following week.

How about a Friday evening?

Long as it’s not this one, sure.


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+1 (no not the 10th)

Friday, 9th of March, 6pm @ Spielbar?

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Sounds good to me!

i would be interested this friday if it i happening :slight_smile:

Have to check, but pretty sure 6 works.

Going to be fun playing a playtest rather than DMing!

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I will do my best to be there. I’ll let all y’all know for sure by Thursday.

And I know. And I’ll be there. w00t!

So are we on? Confirmation, please - thanks!

Confirmed! We are on! Sorry about the late reply.

I’m bringing two people with me and there’s four interested here which means the game is maxed out! Cool!

Would you all prefer the one hour or two hour version?

How much combat? Because if the answer to that question is “more than none,” then in my experience*, the one hour version becomes a two-or-more hour version all on its own.

*my admittedly limited play testing experience.