Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition - Short Scenarios


Ah, it’s not so bad. Roll for monster to hit, roll damage, character dies, done!

If the one-hour version would be abrgd, I think I’d prefer the full thing. Either way works, though. See you tomorrow!


Cool. I guess when we get to the one hour mark we’ll simply see if we should keep going. Catch you then!


In my opinion there can’t be too much combat :smiley:

I’m cool with either but I’d prefer the two hour version. And I’ll promise to do everything I can to end monsters quickly :wink:


Spielbar closes at 2am. It’s Friday, so the trams will run all night, so I guess we could squat on the sidewalk and roll — like a back alley dice game:


Hahahaha! Cool. I’m game.

It’s streamlined so we should be cool… unless I get carried away.


Don’t forget your dice! Catch you all there.


Sorry, guys, life is like a box of chocolates – sometimes you step in cat puke and slip and fall and really hurt your back.

Or uhm. Something like that. Isn’t that how it goes?

Anyway, have fun without me tonight, I am off to hobble to the couch and lie very still for a bit.


I won’t be making it either. Less cat puke though. Have fun and slay some monsters for me.


No problem! Hope you’re okay Siobhan.

Thanks to y’all that made it!

I’ll be organizing another as soon as I’ve got some more writing under my belt completed.


im so sorry i didn’t make it this time. is still interested urgent stuff just came up


Great fun - many thanks!




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