Call of Cthulhu 7th Ed. Scenario Location: A Party somewhere in America (Sober version)


Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Original Scenario

Language: English

Location of Game: Spiel Bar, Vienna

Number of players: 2-6 (Can push 8 if we have to)

Era: 1920s

Length: 3 hours.
(Can gauge if you want the short or long version either before or during play.)

Scenario Location: Outskirts of New York

Player Experience: Newbies, veterans or experts. All are welcome!

Pregen Characters Provided? Yes

Disclaimer Stuff:
This is a new scenario considered for publication by Chaosium. You can be noted as a test player for the scenario if you desire.


Oh, twist my arm …

(Sober version?)


Yerp. I won’t get drunk during the game this time. ;D


Sign me up.


Hi all, I would like to join for the Call of Cthulhu session. I played it in the past (an early edition) and I am a regular at D&D Adventures League on Fridays, so with RPG experience.
I was coming to the Thursdays at Spielbar a couple of years ago, I am the guy aus Florenz, Italia :slight_smile:

Also, bis zum Donnerstag dem 16.!


I will be there but will decide which table I join when I get there


I’ll be there


There’s another game running same day?


there are two threads for the same day but it’s by different people. Actually it seams I made a mistake so disregard what I said.


Well I believe this is already 5 players! One more slot!


Just bumping to keep this Thread alive until next Thursday.



May I recommend Bruce’s Tropical Island Daiquiri?


200 ml Desalinated Sea Water

Thin Stick, c. 9 cm long


  1. Pierce leaf with stick

  2. Scoop up water with hands

  3. Place stick in cupped hands to serve as cocktail umbrella

  4. Enjoy!

And best of all … no hangover!


It’s more or less immortal now.


If the bar serve it maybe JUST one…


Alright, if there is room for me, I’ll join


I might be late due to a late work appointment. Is it still ok if I join around 19.00, 19.15 ?


Sure thing! Enough room. You’d be player # 6! Could possibly squeeze two more in.


No problem. We’ll wait.




I believe it’s a total of 5 Yes and 1 Maybe. More welcome! Can facilitate up to 8 total.