Call of Cthulhu 7th Ed. Scenario Location: A Party somewhere in America (Sober version)


Ten bucks sez Hamer won’t be the last to walk through the door anyway …


Oh, you’re on.


well H that’s an easy bet … simon is coming after all


I’m already mentally spending my ill-gotten gains.

Also, I’ll be there at 10. See ya!


6 Yes
1 Maybe
1 more character remaining

Last chance to facilitate our maximum of 8 players. Bring a friend if you want!


Hello! It’s Felicity, here. I haven’t turned up in over a year, but this sounds awesome! Count me in if there’s still space. Also, my partner, Jiri, will rock up. He’ll be late. And if there’s no space, he’s happy to watch.

See you all soon!


I am running abit late


No problem! Welcome!


$$$ :slight_smile:


Btw I’m broke. :sweat_smile:


Unterwegs, I am waiting a Tram. Should be there in 20min


We are starting. Catch you on the flip side holmes.


Have fun! I couldn’t join this week. Maybe next time!


@Carrthulhu I had great fun yesterday, I am definitely ager to the next Episode :grinning:

@Simon next time no betrayal…but I had to save my ass :joy: gun pointed at my head, countdown running…


Don’t worry. The next one won’t have any element of betrayal… well… kind of…