Anyone not got their fix yet..?

I get the impression that everyone is set for a group at this point, I know I am, but just in case, and given some of the comments I’ve seen, I’d like to gage interest…

Anyone think they might be interested in playing in/DMing a Saturday or Sunday afternoon D&D 3.5 Forgotten Realms/Eberron/Greyhawk campaign…?

I haven’t joined a group yet.

Although, I’m not familiar with official campaigns, I’m very interested in D&D 3.5, especially in a Saturday or Sunday afternoon - group.

I am… not sure that I have a group yet. The possibility have been mentioned, but nothing definitive was decided…

I’ll let you know when I know more…

I’m not in a group yet and would be interested.

Hmmm… I guess that’d be enough players to start a campaign…

Do you have anything precise in view, DovF?

Personally, I’d love to DM, but it would be easier for me to do it in the 4th Edition: I have my notes from campain I was running before I move here that I could transpose in a slightly modified Waterdeep.
Hrmm, I left some of the setting books for Waterdeep in France, but that can wait until I go back there…

The main thing is that I live in a student apartment, much too small to host any significant number of roleplayers, so we’d have to stay at somebody else’s…

Ok, I was just invited, so I have a group.

Nonetheless, it’s once every two Sunday, so I can still complete another group…

I have not found a group either… So I will be interested in joining one.

I won’t be able to host … I’m living in a students residence too. I don’t even have a table big enough :smiley:

Have you guys found a group yet? I’d like to play in another group but probably could only play on Sunday and can’t host, at least not until July.

Nope! I could play on weekends - sometimes also Friday (evening) but unfortunately I can’t host.

Pretty much the same thing here.

I wouldn’t mind playing/DMing in another game, but I can’t host.

Depending on whether my current game decides to go weekly, I’d be up for another. 1) I don’t want to be greedy, though, since I’m already in a group; 2) I’d prefer a non-D&D system, since that’s what I am already playing; 3) I can’t host; 4) STRONGLY prefer not Saturday before 6, since that’s the only time shops are open AND both my husband and I are free.

So that’s a lot of conditions, and I understand if people go “yeah, screw it, too hard.”

I’m looking for a group as well.
With me only working in Vienna I only have time on Friday after around 2pm, and I can’t host.

Though, I suppose I could game on any day during the week, if someone would let me crash at their place (I have a bedroll).

Even Saturdays (once a month) would be possible that way.

Well… as I mentioned, I am most familiar and comfortable with D&D, that being said, there are a couple of RPG I’d be interesting in trying my hands at:
-Mutant and Mastermind, which is a D20 system about superheroes.
-Doctor Who (that I told you about). I don’t have the books and I have no idea of one could play a Doctor Who roleplaying game, but, he, it’s Doctor Who, so I’ll certainly end up buying it just out of curiosity.
-Pendragon. I have played a couple of sessions of this game and immediately felt deeply in love with its atmospheric content. I didn’t yet buy the book either, but it is on my list, 'cause it’s awesome.

So, yeah, I’d be happy to DM and, in the case being acquire, these games. But, as I am not all that familiar with the rules, I would need a little while to be up and running…

OK, by my count, the following are bot able and interested in playing D&D 3.5 on Sundays:

Myself (DovF)

Simon is willing to consider it, though he has one commitment already, and is also willing to DM but prefers 4E.

Siobhan would rather play something other then D&D and already has at least one commitment.

Frazzlerunning would like to play but has stipulations about accommodation and such.

If I got this right, it seems that, baring the hosting issue, there are at least enough people to start a D&D 3.5 game on Sundays.

So, the first questions is, assuming Simon would rather not DM a 3.5 game and he has other commitments. Is anyone else willing to lead the game?

I have already made such a commitment, and do not wish to do so twice.

I have never mastered a game and only played with a friend of mine as game master so I really don’t want to. Also hosting: we could think about doing it at brot & spiele or one of the other game-pubs if we have to? Or maybe we can have a room at one of the fantasy stores (Fantasy flaghsip? I visited it last saturday for the first time and I think they have a lot of space?)

Once someone steps up to offer to DM, I’m sure we can work out some place to meet, though yes, any of those might work if necessary.

As a matter of fact, I was training my dungeoneering skill this last few days and discovered a couple of places within the studenthaus that could possibly harbour wandering gamers.

Some of them look like they would be in the way, although, I never see anybody there, ever.
The other one is even more quiet and out of the way, although it is a bit spartiat. Both of the are adjacent, and would provide enough room and tables for us to commandeer…

The main problem is that it is a bit out of the way for most of you. It is in Josef Baumann Gasse in district 21. It’s about 5 to 10ish minutes from the subway station Kagran by tramway…

You can ask the Fantasy Flagship if you could use their rooms to play. They have them, and a few years ago they let gamers use them.

If no one else steps up as DM, and in case we have a place where we can play, I’d be willing to give it a try. But because of my limited experience in playing, I’d have to stick with Pathfinder.