Anybody wanna help finish a story?

Hey everyone!

Last V.A.L.U.E. @Streamobert , @BananaLee and myself didn’t get to finish the story we were playing. Considering that our schedules (so that we are all there) don’t align with the regular V.A.L.U.E. sessions til something stupid like the end of September we wanted to finish it on the 26th August.

At the moment we have one/two T1 places if anybody wants to help our boy band The Magician’s Tower (the name so far) escape an extradimensional mansion?

So far we have:
@Streamobert - Warlock
@BananaLee - Bard

We would be keen to play (late) arvo or at least starting before the regular 7pm so that we can really finish… And we still need a venue, maybe Cafe zehnsiebzig??
Does that work with you @Darthbinks?

Edit: all places are taken now


yes that works :slight_smile:
Café 1070 is fine :+1:
(I sadly cannot offer my place, since renovations will start at the 25th :frowning: )

level 1?

  • if yes :point_right: will join as a lvl 1 shadar-kai rogue (urchin)
  • if any T1 :point_right: will join with my swarmkeeper ranger (haunted one), that you already know :wink:

I would love to join if you’d have me. :slight_smile:
I could offer my place,since my roommates are probably not here that day. It’s pretty close to 1070 and the U3


And if there is another place I would love to join as well. Can player whatever is needed but never played a cleric so if there is still need for one would be happy to take that role but as I said I’m really flexible.


What time on the 23rd works the best? At the moment I am free all day,I think @BananaLee said he was free sometime after 12 (is that right?)

at the 23rd @BufoBufo, @PatrickD and me would have had our regular game session
the initial mentioned 26th of August would have worked better

at the 23rd we three would have planned to play a Yuuyake Koyake (a Japanese rpg) oneshot or boardgames anyway, since at least two players are missing at that day
… although we would have to check with our 4th player, if that would be o.k. with him
(unless you would be fine with even another additional player)

timewise at the 26th I am free all day
at the 23rd I could game from 5pm at that day

the earliest I could do on Monday would be 6pm and this would be same on the 26th

I I know it before hand I can maybe start also one hour earlier so 5pm

Yep, I finish my German class at 1200 at Karlsplatz. At the moment, 26th Thursday would work much better for me and I think that’s @Streamobert 's best time too. Perhaps 5pm on Thursday since that’s @PatrickD’s best time?

@BananaLee @BufoBufo @PatrickD @Streamobert

got in touch with @K-the-fox

  • date is the 26th of August
  • and any T1 would be fine (so I will play my Ranger)
  • location prolly will be @BufoBufo flat
  • starting time 5pm since that’s @PatrickD best time

Well, the conference I was going to attend on the 25th was just pushed back to the 26th. So yay me.

So I am finally back from my work trip and have a stable internet connection!
Sorry for the mix up guys - I know how to read a calendar :woman_shrugging:t4: ?? :grimacing:
@Streamobert does this conference mean that you’re unable to attend or should we start later?

The conference starts at 17:30 and will last for at least four hours. I could only play before that on the 26th. But I gather that some can’t play that early? Regrettable, but that’s how it is.
It’s fine though, I don’t want to cause inconvenience. I’ll catch your next game, Kay.

I’d be available between 1230 and 1730 as well if that works out.

I have the whole day off,
so I could also make it at 12:30 if that would help @Streamobert

would that work for @K-the-fox and @BufoBufo as well?
(I know this would not work for @PatrickD:frowning: )

For me, yeah. Id join. Don’t wanna leave someone out though

I am free all day as well…

I could probably also make it

So what is the verdict?
I really am bad at making decisions… :grimacing:

so I do that for you :wink:

:point_right: let’s play at @BufoBufo’s place at 5 p.m., with
dm: @K-the-fox
players: @BananaLee, @BufoBufo, @Darthbinks, and @PatrickD

the reason is, since @Streamobert’s event had been moved in such a short notice, it is not unlikely that it will be moved again … and then all planning would be in vain … again
(happened to me once … speaking from bad experiences)

(and a decision had to be made)
(sorry :frowning: @Streamobert … I will dm a nice adventure for you one day)

see you at Thursdays at 5 p.m. :smiley: