Anybody wanna help finish a story?

It didn’t sound to me like Kay was looking to hand off a definitive decision to one particular player, but then again, maybe this is how you guys usually work so who am I to comment. After all, the location also just sort of “happened”, without the DM or the original two players being asked. Honestly, this “it is not unlikely that it will be moved again” one day before when the last messages have all been agreements to be able to play at 12:30 sounds like, uhm, kind of a weird thing to say about something you have no information on - you could’ve asked me how safe the new appointment is at the very least; not to even question what the hell kind of conference is moved forward on the same day. I can’t help concluding that you just entered a group and declared things that are most comfortable to you personally. I really don’t feel like interjecting much or saying no to decisions that one person makes and others kind of go along with, so I’ll extricate myself at this point.
Kay, I’d still like to play at your table next time, but Darthbinks, I politely turn down your offer. If that means I’m unwelcome in the entire group as a whole from this point on, then I accept that consequence.
As for tomorrow, have fun!

sorry didn’t mean to offend you :frowning:
if that has been the case … as it seems … I apologize

esp. it should not come of that you, esp. as a person or player are not welcome
this was for practicality … and as I mentioned my bad experience for re-re-re-sceduling of events :frowning:

that being said:

:point_right: I checked with @K-the-fox on Discord, if that “decision making post” would be o.k. for her (and it was) … if not I would have deleted/not-posted that

… maybe … a hope … there will be a re-re-sceduling of your event again? and everything will be fine :slight_smile:
but in that case … then we would have picked a time-slot that would have excluded another player, even though the shifting of the time-slot had been unnecessary in the first place
:point_right: that was my reasoning

also you seem to show up on Friday … so I could/would have dm-ed a game there to make it up to you :slight_smile:
if that should not work, I wanted to invite you to another game/OneShot instead one other day

sorry for making you sad
hope that clarified it a bit


There was no need to clarify anything because I didn’t misunderstand anything. See, this is the kind of social dynamics I want to stay away from. You apologize not for your behaviour, but for my being “sad”, which you just throw out there like I am? That’s really presumptuous and unwarranted.
And you legit, openly, wish for me to be inconvenienced by my conference being rescheduled again just so you can be right:

… maybe … a hope … there will be a re-re-sceduling of your event again? and everything will be fine :slight_smile:

Priorities, am I right?

Finally, you conclude by saying you would’ve done me the favor of DMing to make it up to me, which implies that you are better than the other DMs. Like being specifically DMed by you instead of someone else is a privilege that will make my sad go away.

I repeat my request to keep distance between us. You can keep saying that my criticism towards you is just me being stupid out of my earshot.

it is not true that I am a better dm
and I do not believe, that your criticism towards me was stupid at all or that you are in any way stupid

I respect your wish to keep disdance between us

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