Any interest in one-shots?

Background: One of the guys I game with is trying to brush up on his less-than-spectacular English, taking classes, the usual. I figured a great way to help him out would be to stick him into an English-only RPG, forcing him to speak outside of a classroom environment while doing something he loves anyway. Would any of you be interested in playing a one-shot or two at some point to see how things go?

I was thinking of either Call of Cthulhu or classic AD&D (but am open for all suggestions), and I’d be happy to DM.

Anyway, just wanted to bounce this idea off you. Thoughts? Does anyone have experience with RPGs as language motivation? And would anybody care to join us? (The more native-speakerish, the better.)

Your timing is perfect… check out the “anyone not got their fix” thread: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=53&start=20

I’d be up for Call of Cthulhu sometime. I’m pretty sure Ally would be too (we’re both English teachers) but don’t let that intimidate him! I remember AmLash telling me that most of his English learning came from playing Baldur’s Gate (and D&D in general) I’m starting a Pathfinder campaign this weekend so one-shots in between would be (hopefully) managable!

Cool, thanks!

I’m not sure this would go all that far toward giving people their fix, though. I really do see this as a one-off, see-how-it-goes sort of thing, not the lengthy campaigns that others in that thread are planning.

But if you guys are interested, that would be terrific. Three or four players sounds like a good number for this, too. Perhaps target late May or early June? I’m thinking this could be lots of fun.

And hearing somebody say they learned English from playing D&D is very encouraging.

Heh, I learned a surprising amount of German playing Oblivion auf deutsch. :wink:.

Sounds like fun!

To start getting a tad more concrete: How does the first or third weekend in June strike you? Sunday afternoon, perhaps?

June 17th (Sunday of the third weekend in June) works perfect for me. I can also do June 3rd (first Sunday in June), but this is about me being paranoid about GM’img… I want to take ALL the time to study :wink:.

A priori, both days would work for me too…

Well, any of those days sounds fine - I think it’ll depend on when Siobhan will be running her one-shot.

ok, let’s call it for June 16. Does anyone want to volunteer a location?

OK, who else can make it on the 16th?

And yeah, any ideas for a good venue would be appreciated. At my place, there tend to be frequent interruptions of the “Daddy, can you read me a story” variety…

Heh, “sure, dear, sit here and listen to this tale of the Elder Gods and… roll for sanity!”

Well, sometimes I feel like the one who’s making those sanity checks…

June 16th (Sat.) looks good, right now.

Who’s DMing what?

16th I’m DM’ing Cthulu. Somewhere.

OK, misunderstanding due to threads getting intertwined. In that case, I’ll be running something, probably also of the horror persuasion, on the 2nd or 3rd.

Is everyone who originally expressed interest up for a game that weekend?

ALMOST certainly. Let’s see who else answers, my husband may be planning to take us out of town since I told him the 16th.

Cthulu? Frack it. I don’t want to lose my mind. Count me out.

(Sorry, Horror’s not really the right genre for me… Have fun!)

I’d be up for both…

And, if needed, I did discover yet another room in my studenthaus which is cosier, to say the least, than the one I hosted my game in…